Local DJ Defends Controversial Tweet


POSTED: Monday, November 7, 2011 - 6:50pm

UPDATED: Friday, November 11, 2011 - 4:44pm

EAST EL PASO- On Saturday, DJ Johnny Kage tweeted, "Cashn in on some savings at the mall..all the cashiers ask if I'm Military which I'm not..I say I am and I save! Lol #winning."

Hundreds of El Pasoans are expressing their anger at a local radio DJ.

Johnny Kage sent a tweet saying he lies to businesses in order to get a military discount.

DJ Johnny Kage says he regrets posting the message online only because he feels it was taken out of context. He says the tweet itself is a joke, and that he has never received a military discount.

Johnny Kage claims it was a joke he had heard on TV, but he can't remember specifically where he heard it, claiming it was never meant to disrespect anyone.

The El Paso radio personality has made controversial statements before, and he says the twitter message shouldn’t be taken seriously.

"If you really know my character, I'm the prankster. I'm the jokester. It was never meant to disrespect any military. If I offended any military, I sincerely apologize. I have a lot of friend and family that are out there as well,” said Kage.

Many Newchannel 9 Facebook fans agree that the comment is taken out of context. One person writes:

"…even if it wasn't a joke; so what. If a cashier doesn't ask for an I.D. and gives someone a military discount, I'll take it."

Others are angry about the tweet, one even tells Newchannel 9.

"This DJ should be arrested and charged with impersonating a military official."

Linda McGhee owns a florist shop near Fort Bliss, she says she offers a discount to military, but she asks for proof of I.D. every time.

"We do ask for I.D. sometimes you can tell right away when they do come in uniform. Sometimes they don't, but most of the time. The ones that are will show you their I.D right away, even if you don’t ask for it,” said McGhee.

Johnny Kage's employer, Southern Radio Incorporated issued a written statement on Monday.

It says the tweet was inappropriate, but the company supports Kage by saying it's in the entertainment business, and you should take the inappropriate comment as a joke.


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Johnny Kage makes joke all the time! I listen to his morning show everyday and all I have to say is that I look up to him and I don't even know him personally he's done a lot for this community and I respect him for that. Everybody took this tweet out of context and you all need to worry about more important things going on this world! WE LOVE U JOHNNY! Team KAGE!!!!!!

Ha!!! Johnny Kage needs a military discount? Seriously people get real. this dude makes more in a good weekend than I do in a year. Looks like another vicious attack from the Masked Cruhater. Viva la Johnny!!

It was a simple joke. I listen to Dj Johnny Cage from time to time out here in Cruces. He is, what he says he is, a jokester. Just having some laughs. It's not like he put on a Military Uniform and demanded a discount. Get out of here people. We have bigger issues to worry about that what someone #Tweets. To #DjJohnnyCage you're good in my book still. From one Dj to another.


I was one of these persons who would common always on things they would put on facebook tweeter & etc.that I didn't like. I learn that they just put what comes to their heads,not to be taken so seriously. Worry when they common about shooting or killing not these dum commons So to these people mad its ok to get discounts on tickets to Disney,Seaworld etc cause you have someone in military Hmm it sounds the same to me. I'm 51 yrs I hear J.Kage and I know how he jokes even about himself. A.G.

Stop making fuzz about something so insignificant people! I am willing to bet that 8 out of 10 people will SAY they are military to get a discount. In fact, what a graet idea. I SHALL PUT IT INTO PRACTICE!

Put him in a uniform and send him to Irag. See how smart his joke is there and if he come back see how he feels...

The first level of racism is telling a "joke". To cheat and to take advantage of a privilege granted to military personel by local business is not a "joke". Military personel and their families have sacrificed more than you will ever know, because you take it as a "joke".
I heard your apology, but it doesn't carry much weight. Service men and women have given their lives to keep the likes of Sadam and others out of the U.S. so you can enjoy your freedom of speech. VMU, 1SG(RET)

get over it people gees...I get tired of the military getting discounts sorry but LE deserve them as well....go Johnny

Everyone that doesn't take this as a joke needs to get a life. If the companies arent checking if they are military then its their fault get over it. They don't seem to care so why do you!

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