Local Coffee Shop vs. The City


POSTED: Friday, July 15, 2011 - 4:39pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 18, 2011 - 9:11am

EL PASO - It's the classic case of a hometown business taking on the city. The owner of a popular West El Paso coffee shop says if the city moves forward with plans to put up more parking meters, his business doors could close.

"I need to gather three thousand plus signatures in a couple of weeks," Kinley Pon, the owner of Kinley's Coffee House, said.

Pon has been asking his customers to sign a petition. He says the city wants to put up parking meters on the street in front of his coffee house. That would cost some of his customers .75 cents an hour to park, and the price would go up at night to keep the area from being congested.

"So let's assume it's a $1.25. Who will pay that, let alone $.75... on a parking for one hour to come in and buy a cup of coffee for a $1.65? No one," Pon said.

Customers agree.

"I think it's wrong of the city to do that," Frank Perez said.

Perez says if parking meters go up next to the cars, he'll stop coming to Kinley's.

"I look for places where I can study for hours at a time. So, if I have to pay more for parking in addition, I might as well stay home," Perez said.

Other customers told us they wouldn't be able to afford the extra parking cost either.

"It's really going to hurt Kinley's," Amber Perez said.

Perez signed the petition to support Kinley's too.

"It's an independent, and it doesn't have the financial backing that maybe Starbucks does across the street. It just seems really unfair," she said.

Pon has gathered hundreds of signatures so far, and he's working to get a lot more. If the petition doesn't work, another local business could close its doors.

"I need to have the parking and the business in order for me to continue to have the coffee house here," Kinley said.

El Paso city offices are closed on Fridays, so we couldn't ask the city for comment.

Pon says he is working with City Councilor Ann Morgan Lilly to come up with a solution.

We'll follow the story and let you know what happens.

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Parking meters WILL kill the downtown after the city earns a few bucks with them, and then the meters will be mostly redundant and unemployed, just like a lot of us.
Problem is, the city doesn't want to look at the future, it just wants to earn money now, even when it cripples its own citizens and their businesses.

Short term strategies earn a few bucks now, but later they cost a lot more to put right than they earned. . . . . but that's the future and who cares about that, right?

what is the address of this coffee shop, is it in the general downtown area? "ALL" the parking meters were recently removed from the 5 Points area, is there a double standard here?

i love kinleys! the local students, like myself, who go to kinleys for long nights of studying need to rally together and get all those signatures. Kinley is a great guy and I love the coffee shop. You cant get coffee as tasty as theirs at starbucks, cant get free internet, and ive been kicked out of starbucks before when they didnt have enough tables and i 'didnt buy enough to stay several hours' (about 2-3 for while studying) kinley would never do that. Support Kinleys!!! No Meters!!!

Wow, that cup of coffee could cost you $50. dollars or more with a Parking Ticket.

The Parking Meters have already killed downtown and now they are wanting to kill business outside their evil zone.
They keep asking and having surveys and asking and more surveys and even paying out of town consultants:
"What can we do to bring people back downtown?",
and the answer has always been: "FREE PARKING".
It not just the Parking Meters, its the FINES if you get sidetracked or stalled or there is an emergency and you get sick or have to find a rest room. Fines, fines, & more fines.

Unless your part of the clique of golfing, dinning, fund-raising with the mayor, city manager, or any of the city coucil members you might as well forget it. Its not what you know of whats right, its who you know that can make it right.

I will miss you Kinley's, we had some fun times. You will end up going in the whole because the city will waste tax payer money and put so much litegation on you, you will be forced to give up and close your doors.

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