Local Body Artist Warns Parents of Face Painting Dangers

Friday, April 13, 2012 - 5:31pm

For Whitney Myers... every project is a body of work.

"I love seeing kids' response or just even adults' responses to the art once it's complete," said Myers.

Myers became an award-winning body artist after studying sculpture in college... choosing skin as her canvas.

"With a lot of little boys, the more gruesome the better. And with the little girls the prettier, the more sparkly, the more they'll like it," said Myers.

Myers often paints the faces of children... and wants to help parents protect their little ones from a brush with danger as events featuring face painting take place in the sun city this summer.

"They have to ask what sort of paints are you using. You can go to Wal-Mart and paints labeled 'face paint'. And they're labeled 'face paint' because they're FDA approved to be...you can eat them and it won't hurt you. The difference is it's not actually made for the skin. It's not cosmetic grade which means it still can cause allergic reactions to the skin. The most common one being contact dermatitis," said Myers.

Why so serious?
Well, these health conditions are no joke and parents must "face" the facts.

"It's not just the paint. It's also glitter. You'll see in my designs the little girls have lots of sparkly glitter on and regular craft glitter is made out of metal and it's cut into scares. So if that gets into a child's eye it can cause permanent damage," said Myers.

Myers recommends using polyester glitter to avoid injury.

Myers will teach a body painting class May 5th.
For more information visit her website at www.whitneysbodyart.com.

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