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Local & Area Schools To Resume Their Regular Schedule Tuesday

Local & Area Schools To Resume Their Regular Schedule Tuesday

POSTED: Monday, February 7, 2011 - 2:41pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 8, 2011 - 12:39pm

Compiled List of Schools Resuming School Tuesday

EL PASO— The Sun City is still shaking off the ice and frost left behind from last week's winter blast, but now local and area schools are preparing to open doors and let their students back in.

News Channel 9 is compiling a list of all schools that will be open at regular schedule on Tuesday. This list will be updated throughout the day as more information is brought in.

Districts are advising that students bring bottled water with them Tuesday as El Paso is still under a boil-water advisory.

  • San Elizario ISD
  • Clint ISD
  • Canutillo ISD
  • YISD
  • El Paso Community College (all campuses)
  • International Business College

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is region 19 headstart uxer going to be open??

John E. Uxer Head Start I & II will remain closed on Tuesday, February 8. Please check the ESC Region 19 Head Start website for updated information.

Military or civilian, black, white or brown, we have to live together! We are all in this together! Boil water tonight and put it in a water bottle for tomorrow.

Why is it that when something bad happens people have to be so rude? Its people like you guys that make El Paso and the world an ugly place!! It's funny how we have a few bad weather days and El Paso is a horrible,dirty place. Oh and that our people are lazy what does any of this have to do with mother nature.

to even keep water in don't dare try to down the military which supplies more than enough economy to el paso...they can barely take care of their own but they take care of ya'll...EDUCATE YOURSELF!!!

to whoever made the comment about the military..let me tell you one thing..i live in post housing and we have been without running water for 5 days...i have 2 children...1 which is schoolage and we have not been able to wash or take showers without going to someone's house...this article isn't about the's about the schools not having appropriate water to sustain our children...and this city you call "great" has no resources to sustain conditions in any cold weather nor have enough

Vista Central Market on Zaragoza has water, as of 6pm there was still plenty

Well said dlbrown. The military (no matter which community) contributes to more than 1/4 of the economy as a previous individual commented earlier. By the way, I am only a visitor here because my husband proudly serves our country and I proudly support him. Life here in El Paso is definitely a challenge to those who do not speak Spanish...I am looking forward to moving to another military community where I know my military spouse will be more appreciated for his sacrifices for our freedom!

pshh im not going back!

As a teacher, I am glad to be going back to school tomorrow. Water restrictions will be lifted tonight meaning that people can wash a load of laundry to get them through to the weekend. As far as the boiling water restrictions, that is precautionary. Also parents can boil water tonight and place them into containers for their students to take to school tomorrow. For school lunches, there can be water boiled before lunch time in order to make lunch or sandwich lunches can be made.

we are probably going to have to make up the days why should it be a problem.

I have not heard of EPCC school,will it be OPEN?? (all campuses)

Student will be going back to school tomorrow but we cant use water until after 10:00 how are we suppose to be ready some people not only have suffering and have not been showering now wee need clothes since we haven't been washing and the stores are out of water. This mess is going to become grater because of the restrictions and going back to school. The district should think again.

it's amazing how none of the school districts, city government or utility companies even tried to provide water for the students. yet they keep providing freebees to all the illegal immigrants.

i totally agree at least somebody had the balls to say it

I'm sorry that you think like that. We are giving every human being an equal chance to succeed. Try to be more positive because the only one who is going to be judge in the end is you an is going to be by God. You might be very angry at life but let the other people be kind. Think every thing good we do here will be gratified in heaven.

Please report on other school districts as well. Gadsden ISD was out on Monday again. The only news we are getting is from circulating texts that we don't know if to take serious. Thank you ktsm.

ALL of the stores i have been to today are out of water why are they asking us to take water when most of the stores are out?

do not ask the red cross for water they do not want to help

ALL of the stores i have been to today are out of water why are they asking us to take water when most of the stores are out?

Guess what i want to know, if El Paso is still under a boil alert then why is it that schools will be open tomorrow, because students do have to eat at lunch, so the big question is - How are the cafeteria staff going to make lunch for the students with the boil alert still on board? Are the cafeteria ladies going to have to boil lots of pots of water to cook the student's lunch? But that's just my opinion.

Its about time; Fort Bliss should have been closed today. They only contribute about 1/4 of our economy. Most Military Personnel could have shut down operations for one more day. Our schools, hospitals, city government and law enforcement agencies are more important. Most Military Personnel are not appreciate to live in our great city. They are full of hatred, ignorance and unstable mental capacities.

Gerat City???? LOL!!!! Good one Vortex!

Vortex99 why don't you get educated and check the facts before you open your mouth. Appreciate the men and women who are fighting for YOUR FREEDOM!!!!!! while you sit on your LAZY A--!!!!!
An El Pasoan with common sense

Really though, you make me sick. You should educate yourself. Some people's ignorance never ceases to amaze me. NEVER.

I think that you just made a very ignorant comment, and you should thank a soldier today...Without soldiers fighting for this country's rights, you would not be able to say the ignorant comments that you are. Why don't you try putting a US Army uniform on, then we can talk about who is full of hatred, ignorance and unstable mental conditions. It is people like you, that me, as a soldier sick. Your welcome for your freedom, courtesy of the red, white, and blue. Are you even a citizen?

Yes, you're right. It is because of soldiers that we are here today and we should thank them. But why should we thank bitter soldiers like the one that posted that comment about our city? At least he has a place to live, regardless of how that place is. What about all those soldiers that have passed away? i'm pretty sure their families wouldn't care where they are, even if it's "dirty" as long as they were still alive. They are the ones that should keep stupid comments like that to themselves.

^Implying that questioning military procedures makes you un-american.

Ft bliss was closed today except for mission essential personnel. Check your facts before you go shooting off at the mouth....

Vortex you have one thing right, ALL MILITARY don't want to live in your dirty, lazy, free giving city. We are ALL TOO SMART TO WANT TO LIVE IN THIS MEXIO DUMP. I guess we have to be mexican to like this place uh?....and yes you are right just as soon as the Army will will move me, I will be gone. Maybe if you get the chance, you too could go visit another state and see how the real world lives. Good luck on your life in El Paso Mexico!

My husband served in the military and has never bad mouthed any place he has been stationed at.Yet a lot of these new people living in our city have negative things to say. Just know that at least you don't see alot of unemployment or crime and its a nice town to raise your kids.If you didn't want to be stationed here then you should of thought about that before you choose to get a job with the military. NOT ALL MILITARY thinks the same ..the TRUE AMERICANS don't care from where they serve

you need to watch what you say about my hometown bit** this aint no dump you traler trash el paso is probably cleaner than your fu***ng house.You did'nt have to come here in the first place blondie..

suck ass on that comment B.I.T.** dont call my hometown mexico dump traler trash

You know Vortex if the Military up and left El Paso would be nothing. I appreciate the Millitary and everything they do. You may not know what they do for our economy here but I do. El Paso needs to realize that we live in the United States not Mexico. It is bad enough that we get a bad reputation from our governor, and those who come to visit here. We do not need ignorant people that live here to make it worst.

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