Light Show Nuisance to Neighbor

POSTED: Saturday, December 26, 2009 - 10:38pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, December 29, 2010 - 11:17am

EL PASO--- Christmas joy, or neighborhood nuisance? One man's East El Paso home is ruffling some of his neighbor's feathers.

For the past four years, Fred Loya of Fred Loya Insurance has decorated his house with thousands of colorful lights.

NewsChannel 9 received a phone call Saturday from a neighbor who says he's fed up with all the traffic.

Visitors fill the neighborhood as soon as the sun sets, all of them trying to get a glimpse of the show.

The area gets so congested, police have to direct traffic.
The neighbor said it's getting out of hand but others who've seen the show disagree.

"It bothers me that there's somebody that is not content and doesn't seem to want to get into the Christmas spirit that wants to keep the Christmas spirit that we try to transmit the show to the children of El Paso from happening," said Loya.

"I think it's awesome for the kids and I think anybody who can't see that, I'm sorry because they shouldn't. Think of the kids," said mother Johanna Sanchez.

The light show took place every weekend for the entire month of December, with Sunday being the last time to catch this year's light show.

As for the man who called and complained, he was supposed to meet NewsChannel 9 for an interview but he never returned our calls.

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I'll be glad to meet News Channel 9 for an interview, I'm a very upset neighbor too. Things just got out of hand, 1000's of people gathering around some people drinking beer throwing beer bottle and cans in the streets. Hot chocolate cups all over the streets and garbage. 30 minutes to get to your house it's just got out of hand. Rude officers, an accident bound to happen.
We just want our peace back in our neighborhood. Will meet your anytime. Ricardo Gardea

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