Leeds, Caballero May Face Lawsuit from State Bar

Leeds, Caballero May Face Lawsuit from State Bar

POSTED: Thursday, November 10, 2011 - 3:06pm

UPDATED: Monday, November 14, 2011 - 11:12am

EL PASO - The Texas State Bar is trying to disbar two popular defense attorneys here in El Paso.

Theresa Caballero and Stuart Leeds say it stems from the case against Judge Regina Arditti, where she was found not guilty of bribery.

The attorneys say the West Texas judge who oversaw the case, Judge Steven Smith, has filed a grievance against them for disrupting and delaying legal proceedings, which they both say is a lie.

"Our client is not complaining about us. In fact, she's going to be a witness for us. We're proud of the way we represented Judge Arditti," said Stuart Leeds.

Smith had fined Leeds and Caballero thousands of dollars after the trial, and held them in contempt. Smith said he would ask the State Bar Association to investigate the pair's conduct.

That statement came to fruition, when the association approached Leeds and Caballero with a choice.

"They're saying that we can choose to go to a committee or go to a district court, and in district court, you can have a jury trial," she said. "We told them, we'll see you in district court."

"We're going to continue to represent our clients as zealously and vigorously as we always do, and we're going to fight this complaint in court too," said Leeds.

They will now represent themselves in this case, once the association files the lawsuit, Caballero said.

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This is a poorly written, unprofessional story.
1."Popular" attorneys? When Caballero ran for office she was creamed, even with her name recognition.

2. "Disbar" I doubt the state is seeking disbarment for what they did. It doesn't rise to that level.

3. Bar investigations unless released by the bar are confidential.

The top 2 attorneys in El Paso (if not the state) are being threatened by the State Bar of Texas, and for what? Zealously representing their client? That's what good attorneys are supposed to do! TC and Stuart will prevail over this injustice, too.

Now that's great news. Apparently, nobody in El Paso has the guts to stand up to these arrogant, lying pricks. Kudos to the Bar Association.

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