Lawyer describes mother's condition who found child dead

Lawyer describes mother's condition who found child dead

POSTED: Monday, May 13, 2013 - 9:40pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 10:14am

A 5-month old baby girl was allegedly left inside of an SUV at on Friday at Riverside High School in the Ysleta Independent School District.

Police are waiting for autopsy results, before they reveal what killed her.

The baby's mother is Wakesha Ives, a finance teacher at Riverside High.

So far, no charges are filed, but police say they're possible. Wakesha Ives' lawyer said they're giving her time to mourn the loss of her child.

"She's a mother and anytime a mother finds her child in that condition, it's absolutely horrifying and she is reacting pretty much the same way my mother, my wife, pretty much any mother I've ever known would react," lawyer Jim Darnell. "She's absolutely beside herself about the loss of her child".

Darnell described Ives as hysterical, Friday evening, as she tried to come to terms with the loss of her child.

Y.I.S.D. released a statement saying quote:

"We are heartbroken by the loss of this little angel and we send our collective thoughts and prayers to the family during this difficult time. Y.I.S.D. is working in collaboration with the El Paso Police Department and is not releasing any further details."

The family is asking for the time and opportunity to grieve in peace.
they don't want to release the baby girl's name or any other details.
Darnell said he thinks, in the end, any criminal charges will be quote resolved.

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Did you know this lady ? NO!! And anyways yea that day that it happend was horrible but if you think about it that can happen to anyone and honestly I could say that any mother has almost forgotten their child in the car. Its like how do you forget your dog, comeon your dogs can bark and people still forget them in the car or they forget to roll down the window so DONT just think of it one way think of it different ways. Think about what was going through her mind. Ms.Ives was an awesome person.

How anyone can call leaving a baby alone in a locked car an accident is beyond belief. It was no accident, someone made a horrible mistake and calling it an accident will not excuse the BIG MISTAKE! The child was dependent on whoever put her in that car, parked it, locked it and walked away. Unfortunately that person failed that child and the child payed for it with her innocent life.

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