Lawsuit Filed In Pay Dispute

Lawsuit  Filed In Pay Dispute

POSTED: Thursday, June 30, 2011 - 3:40pm

UPDATED: Friday, July 1, 2011 - 9:07am

EL PASO - You can sue for just about anything these days, but one local attorney thinks some El Pasoans have a good case.

"They're out there working in the heat to construct a luxury hotel off the freeway, and they deserve to be compensated, paid, for their work just like anybody else," Attorney Richard Roman said.

Roman offered his help after seeing our story about a group of construction workers who say they haven't been paid in weeks. They're building that new hotel going up near I-10 and Airway, but the contractor and subcontractor are arguing over who should pay some of them. Local 4 News questioned both of them, but they kept pointing the finger at each other, and in the meantime the workers have been left without a single penny.

"All these men probably have families. They have mouths to feed. They have bills to pay just like everybody else," Roman said.

So far, Roman filed a lawsuit in small claims court seeking $9,500.00, and that's just for one of the construction workers. The others haven't followed suit yet.

"I think they want to see how this case proceeds forward before they step forward. We'll be more than happy to help them as well," Roman said.

Roman says the sub-contractor should be served with the lawsuit today or tomorrow. He then has 10 days to respond, either by paying up or going to court. Either way, Roman says he will do what it takes to get the construction workers paid.

"This gentleman worked for these wages, earned these wages, he is entitled to these wages, and if we need to take his case forward in a court of law to seek payment, then we're certainly going to do that," Roman said.

Attorney Richard Roman says he should hear back from the sub-contractor by July, 10th. That's when we'll know if the construction worker will get paid, or if the subcontractor will head to court.

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Not only does this show how sorry some subcontractors are these days, it also shows what a sorry general contractor the owner chose for their project, and lack of owner or owner's representative in such matters.

If the owner, or general contractor either one had any ethics or morals, they would make sure these folks get paid, and the funds deducted from future payments to appropriate contractor(s).

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