'Las Guerreras': Modern-Day Robin Hood Group Now Disbanded

'Las Guerreras': Modern-Day Robin Hood Group Now Disbanded

POSTED: Thursday, February 10, 2011 - 8:10pm

UPDATED: Friday, February 11, 2011 - 6:23am

Group Receives Death Threats From Alleged Drug Cartels

JUAREZ— In late January, News Channel 9 reported on “Las Guerreras,” a group of women in Juarez who would ride through the city on pink motorcycles.

Now, News Channel 9 has learned that Las Guerreras has disbanded. The group, which received global attention as far away as Spain, received death threats from alleged cartel members after an article in a newspaper was published mistakenly saying that the group was fighting against the cartels.

El Mundial, a newspaper from Spain, headlined their article as “'Las Guerreras': Diez motoristas que desafian a los narcos de Ciudad Juarez.” Translated, the headline reads “'The Female Warriors”: Ten bikers who are challenging the drug-traffickers of Juarez.”

The problem is, Las Guerreras were not going against the cartels—in fact, the women were only trying to help those affected by the ongoing drug war. If anything, these women were unselfishly traveling through the city to help.

Las Guerreras rode through some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city, bringing supplies— such as medicine and food— to needy families. The group was composed of teachers, police officers, and businesswomen who were looking out for single mothers, the elderly, and other families.

News Channel 9 is currently trying to locate one of the founders of the group after many viewers and readers expressed interest in donating or helping the group. Though it might be futile, there is hope that maybe, just maybe, the error of one Spaniard newspaper can be corrected, and these female modern-day Robin Hoods can again ride their pink motorcycles through the city.

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Robin Hood was first and foremost a hood. Better known as a criminal. His claim tofame was stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Who are these ladies stealing from? Words have meaning here as well as in Spain.

Here is a crystal clear example of how the media can either help or harm a cause or person(s). There is a great responsibility that journalists must bear in mind when writing their stories. Sensationalism, while eye catching, runs the risk of twisting the facts. A journalist, unlike most writers, should adhere to maintaining an unbiased point of view.

To paraphrase Winston Churchill, " There is no worse evil, than for good men to do nothing'. In this case, women. Do not disband, keep on truckin'. Are there anymore, women or men, that can join them in their endeavors.

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