Las Cruces Woman Accusing Politician-Landlord of Retaliating


POSTED: Thursday, February 17, 2011 - 5:13pm

UPDATED: Friday, February 18, 2011 - 3:17pm

LAS CRUCES - A Las Cruces woman has reached out to channel 9 for help. She says her landlord is retaliating against her, after she complained about several things that were wrong in her apartment.

Deborah Gladish said it's been tough times since she moved into her apartment on 1885 Rentfrow Avenue. She said she's had to deal with a faulty furnace, a leaking ceiling and scalding hot water. The 60-year-old woman said once, it got so bad, she went two months without being able to take a proper shower, after the shower head broke.

“I couldn't shower so I had to bathe in the sink,” said Gladish.

Gladish said every time something would go wrong in her apartment, her landlord would take a long time to respond.

“He even said, 'I don't want anybody coming in there to fix anything. You call me and I'll come,'” stated Gutierrez.

And complaint after complaint, she got served with eviction papers last week. The notice said she breached her lease when she displayed “rude and abusive conduct” to both her landlord and her neighbors.

Mr. Gutierrez stood by his reason for wanting to evict Gladish. He said he had “serious concerns” about her, and that she could be a danger to her neighbors.

Gladish said this is retaliation for her speaking out.

“It's not right because you're poor that you're treated not even like a human being, but a dog,” added Gladish.

The woman told us despite all the trouble she's had, she has reasons for not wanting to move out.

“It takes money to move. It's very stressful...I moved about every two years since 1998,” said Gladish.

Gladish said she will fight the eviction.

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Talk to the housing authority. As a renter you have rights and can fight an un-just eviction.

Find a lawyer that takes up pro-bono work and fight the landlord and then counter sue him for punitive damages and emotional deress.

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