Las Cruces kids sell lemonade to raise money for 'healing garden'

Las Cruces kids sell lemonade to raise money for 'healing garden'

POSTED: Thursday, August 1, 2013 - 7:53pm

UPDATED: Thursday, August 1, 2013 - 7:54pm

A group of Las Cruces kids have set up their very own lemonade stand with all the profits going toward helping their father recover after a serious accident by building him a garden.

Andrea Campanella, a guide at a park in Maine, suffered a 40-foot fall rappelling.

"I was worried for a long time and I was also very hopeful he would get better," said 10-year-old Alexa Williams.

Campanella is recovering from nine broken ribs, a collapsed lung and spent nearly a week at the hospital.

Alexa gathered her four siblings and came up with a plan to build what she calls a 'healing garden' in their backyard for their father.

"She said it would be good for my dad so I decided to join her and help her," said 8-year-old Adrianna Williams Olsen.

While he recovers, the goal is to have a garden filled with plants and colorful flowers that will allow him to spend some time outdoors.

So far the kids have raise a couple hundred dollars but aren't sure exactly how much they need.

They've seen a good turnout from people that are moved by their cause.

"We hope this will help them with their project for their parent," said Elizabeth Hays.

Hays and her friends stopped by for cookies after purposely skipping dessert at the restaurant.

She said she was impressed by the kids coming together and wanted to taste some of the delicious homemade treats.

The kids will continue to sell lemonade Friday and will begin work on the garden Saturday morning.

They said if anybody wants to help they could use the extra hand.

"Healing Garden" Lemonade Stand
400 Ethel Avenue (off Alameda Ave.)
Fri. 1pm - 4pm



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