Las Cruces gun show draws thousands in anticipation of change in laws

Las Cruces gun show draws thousands in anticipation of change in laws
Sunday, February 24, 2013 - 10:32pm

Thousands of gun enthusiasts attended the Sunrise Lions Club gun show during the weekend looking to make a purchase from the more than 275 vendors at the Las Cruces Convention Center.

A lot of attendees felt compelled to make purchases prior to changes in gun laws like the proposed New Mexico house bill 77 that would require background checks before the transferring of guns.

"As a lawful citizen I feel like I'm being almost singled out," said Richard Trevino, who made a couple of purchases at the gun show.

Proponents say the law is designed to close a loop hole at gun shows by requiring background checks for the private sale of guns.

The Sunrise Lions Club said they believe the controversy with the proposed change in laws might have helped bring in more than 4,500 people during the two-day event.

"It's probably driven a little bit more people in here," said Dan Duggan, director for the Sunrise Lions Club gun show.

Trevino said he bought two guns to help share his passion with his children.

"This was a better time than any to probably invest in something I can pass down to my kids later on," Trevino said.

Even if a change in law did pass requiring background checks at gun shows, the Sunrise Lions said they would continue to organize gun shows.

"We feel that the amount of money that we take in at one of these shows is really needed in the community for the things the Lions Club does," Duggan said.

The Lions Club donates all the proceeds to charities helping provide eye care for children and money for research.

Duggan said they will learn the new law if there is one and abide by it in the future.

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