Las Cruces Drops Anti-Arizona Resolution, Prompting A Protest


POSTED: Monday, May 17, 2010 - 9:03am

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 19, 2010 - 10:54am

Las Cruces - Las Cruces will not be joining El Paso City and County in passing a resolution against Arizona's controversial immigration law.

A city spokesperson says Mayor Ken Miyagishima, who originally drafted the resolution, has changed his mind.

Miyagishima first believed the law would allow for racial profiling, before he says he learned it only allows law enforcement to question someone's immigration status if they're committing a crime.

Las Cruces City Council was set to vote on the resolution, which did not include a boycott, today.

That decision drew a protest in front of Las Cruces city hall this afternoon. The Border Network for Human Rights staged the protest, asking the mayor to change his mind. Organizers say they had at least 150 demonstrators. The protestors are asking people in the Borderland to take a stand against what they call a racist law.

"It is a very bad law and we don't want it here and we're not going to accept it and we're going to continue doing protests and doing whatever we need to do in order to stop this racism against all people," said Gabriela Castaneda, with the Border Network for Human Rights.

The group says it's working on organizing more protests against the Arizona immigration law.

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I am proud of Las Cruces and Arizona. It's too sad when one of our Sovreign states are being boycotted for upholding a law. I feel let down by the politicians we put in office to do the right thing for our country. I voted for "change", not "compromise". As a matter of fact. For the life of me, I can't seem to wrap my mind around the fact that Mexico's president is going to Washington D.C. to discuss our immigration reform....please.

Can someone explain to me why there is so much outrage because citizens of the United States of America want anyone entering our country without following our laws to be sent back to their country of origin? Anyone who arrives legally is an American, a citizen, welcome home. For those who want to start off by breaking our laws, go home. We don't want you.

I am from Europa and we got to pay a very expensive visa and green card before entering the USA.I have not met yet one from Europa who does not speak English either. Besides I fly the US flag not because I have to but for the respect America deserves!

You are American so stop trying to defend the illegals. If Mexicans want to come across the right way, with the right papers and documents then that’s fantastic but the law is the law and being an American you should stand on the side of the law. By the way Mexico isn’t the only country bordering the US that we have problems with illegal’s, it’s just the one closest to us here in the South West. It’s time we did something so kudos to Arizona!!!

Kudos to Las Cruces for not passing the Arizona boycot. Arizona is simply enforcing a federal immigration law already in the books but is not enforced by the federal government. Also, any body working toward a boycot must read the Arizona immigration just passed and they would realize that this bill is not racist and is not instructing law enforcement officers to use racial profiling which is illegal.

The officials of El Paso need to concentrate on El Paso, not Arizona. What are we going to boycott next? I say we boycott any business in El Paso that does not support this countrys policy about hiring Illegal people. Those businesses should be fined heavily. If not shut down and the owner given jail time.

I been in El Paso for a five years now, My wife could not find a job for four of the five years because she could not speak spanish. We were quite disappointed, but she kept looking for a job and found one. I beleive that the people of El Paso has the right to boycott. I also beleive that the people of El Paso have the right to not boycott. We will not boycott Arizona because to us this is foolish and people have the choice to do what they want, not what a handful of city officials want.

Glad you came and stayed. Sounds like you and your wife are sensible people that El Paso needs desperately. Doesn't matter if you are Hispanic or white or can't speak Spanish. Welcome.

Let's look at one other thing here. When a person is willing to risk their life to secure a better life for their children is that really a bad thing? What people don't realize is many there are many illegal men & women in our military fighting for a country they weren't born in to hopefully come out alive and get an opportunity to be an "American". As a white man, I find it interesting that those who are complaining the most are probably the same ones who buy their medicine from Mexico.

How do you join the miitary without a birth certificate? You will not join being undocumented. I was born here and has to.

So what you are saying is that anyone who breaks into your home and then demands to be fed, taken care of medically, go to school on your dollar and still be loyal to your neighbor who sent him, thats o.k.? By all means let them join you in your home. After all you are giving them an opportunity to be an El Paso Taxpayer.

My suggestion is the US Government places a huge gas tax and cell phone tax on everyone in the U.S. and if you have a U.S. birth certificate and file a tax return as a U.S. citizen you get a major tax credit. If you are not a U.S. citizen then at least you paid into the system. Because, those who come into this country illegally will eventually pay one way or another. We shouldn't assume that all illegals are Mexicans. Look in the mirror! Perhaps your ancestors were illegal at one time.

Thank goodness that Las Cruces has shown some sense in this issue! Everyone that complains about the law the most (including Atty, Gen Eric Holder, and Pres. Barack Obama) have never read the law to see that AZ law enforcement officers suspected of racial profiling will be prosecuted by AZ legal authorities. Additionally, since when is it against the law to uphold the federal law that states that illegal aliens are just that- illegal! Kudos to our friends in L.C.

Policies discriminate from the Ventura County Star:
Our president has made it clear that it is wrong and discriminatory to ask those coming over our southern borders for any documentation.
Why then should I have to show my passport when I cross this nation’s western border coming into LAX? To ask me, a citizen, to present papers and demand that someone crossing the southern border not do so is discrimination.

Wouldn't you know that for all the whining and complaining about the Arizona law, most people havent' even read the law! That includes Secretary Napolitano, Eric Holder, and I assume Obama. If they took the time to read the entire 16 pages (far less than the 3,000 page Health Bill), they would realize that it just a restatement of the Federal Immigration Law. I guess that means that our Federal laws have been racist for all these years and we didn't even know it!

You know, for all the commotion and agitation going around, it seems all the people whining about the new law in Arizona haven't even read it! That goes for DHS Secretary Napolitano and the really prepared and brilliant Eric Holder. I guess reading a 16 page document is too much to ask before you condemn it, don't you think so?

The Arizona Law states "while committing a crime" which many of you are confusing for "being arrested for committing a crime". Jaywalking and and any moving violation, for example, are crimes albeit misdemeanors. So if a police officer feels like it, all he/she needs to do is makeup an excuse to pull over someone that he feels might be illegal and now can question that persons' legal status. As for the response of get out of my pocket, that is the most ignorant statement I've read.

I have lived a full life. I was grew up in the south during its bad times, It took me a long time to get over what went on. Never in my adult life have I seen so much meaness, LIKE IT OR NOT OUR COUNTRY IS BUILT ON THE RULE OF LAW If you want to see what a racist looks like, in the morning after a good nights sleep get up and go to the bathroom and look in the mirror.

Some of you sound so ignorant! Especially those of you claiming to be intelligent U.S. citizens and can't even spell on this message board! And for those of you who think that protesters are too stupid to read the "fine print" on the law: there is always abuse of the law- and it happens often. Do your math on how many people are arrested everyday for being "illegal" and are actually U.S. citizens. And to you, Get out of my pocket: Boo! There's an "illegal" behind you... scared?

Where did you get your numbers from? Napolitano? Obama? No mention in El Paso County records to indicate anyone being arrested for being a citizen. Do you have records or some proof? Easy to spew hate to those who want to live in peace with made up junk.

Not everyone that goes to UTEP are from Juarez they are more from India and all those places as well as from Africa take a walk out there and before judging look around... I know because I am a student and no I am not getting a free ride because I work and yet I am hispanic so I didn't get the free ride. It is so sad to realize how much hate there is here in El Paso when yet we are so close to the border. I do agree that illegal entry is a crime but i don't agree with Arizona's law.

I was looking through the flyers that come in our El Paso Times and found that if you want a summer job you MUST HAVE the following documents "Photo ID(School or Stste ID/Drivers license) Social Security Card, Proof of eligibilty to work in the U.S. (Birth Certificate,Alien Registration Card Etc.) This from a town that can'tnderstand Az. Law BC

To thenewmexican, you are van wagon jumping fool, read the law and realize what it states and if you still have questions ask someone with an IQ one point higher than yours and I'm sure they will have the right answer. Good job to Las Cruces city council, this is America and we must protect our borders.

Wow it's about time somebody reads. As I was on my way home to AZ from El Paso, I passed through the checkpoint in New Mexico. Sometimes no one is there and sometimes they just wave you through. This time I had to completely stop before being waved on. Although they did not, they had every right to ask if I was a US citizen. When the boder patrol gets on the "Latino" buses as they make the dinner stop they ask of people's citizen status. I've been on that ride a few times, it happens.

Late is better than never. I will be driving to Las Cruces from West El Paso for every possible purchase, as I am boycotting El Paso. You can benefit from my sales tax dollars!

Racist, is Racist. Period.
And. This law is racist.
What does an illegal immigrant look like genius.

It's not even close to racial profiling, it's the law! and every state no matter what's next to you or not has the right to enforce the law, no-one says that you cannot immigrate to the USA, they just say do it right, come across the border the right way, earn your Us status, and if that's something you can't handle than stay where you are, The LAW is the LAW,Regardless of what race you are!

READ THE LAW IGNORAMOUS! You cannot ask anyone about their legal status unless theyre caught in a illegal activity. SO HOW IS THIS LAW RACIST?

Now banning an ethnic studies class! That is racist and thats what you should really be mad about. Of course education is probably not your strong suit.

Hey whatthewhat. Did you read why Arizona is banning your so called ethnic studies class? Maybe these classes are the ones you should call racist. You call it education. I call it La Raza propaganda. And before you call me a white racist, call me an Hispanic racist against ignorance which is running rampant among our children. They are learning how not to fit in America. I don't want that for your's or my children. Don't believe me? Ask La Raza.

So when in your history class did you learn about YOUR hispanic ancestors history? I learned more about african americans struggles as slaves and of course Anglo european history. Latinos have not had the oppurtunity to learn about their heritage. ITS CALLED HISTORY! When we begin to mandate what we can learn about in this country we are in serious trouble. What you have to understand is that its not necessarily about the class but more about the fact that our rights are slowly being eroded.

Can't be racist against Hispanics, if that's your complaint. Hispanic isn't a race. Census man himself told me that one. P.S. Quote one line of the law, in exact words.

Finally, someone that can actually read and understand what the Arizona Law says. I'm a lifelong resident of the southwest, both Phoenix and New Mexico and I find it funny that while everyone is complaining about Arizona's law,they should read what the California Penal Code section 834 (b ) says about Californai law enforcement officals enforcing the immigration status of those being arrested or detained.

D. Wendland

White people want the state of AZ for their own. Period.
Thank God, the Native Americans are there, and you guys will never
be able to claim the state are your own.

According to the 2005-2007 American Community Survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, Non-Hispanic White Americans made up 59.6% of Arizona's population. Hispanics and Latinos (of any race) made up 29.0% of Arizona's population.[27]
In 2010 illegal aliens constituted an estimated 7.9% of the population. This was the second highest percentage of any state in the nation.[28][29]

Hey thenewmexican. Have you heard of spellcheck?

OMG! Good for Las Cruces! That's what I kept saying all along. And that was the understanding all along! That only when committing a crime which includes routine traffic violations, etc would Arizona residents be asked to prove citizenship. So all the protesting was for naught! I live in El Paso and all this protesting was so stupid!! All because no one had sense enough to really check what the law was going to entail. Duh! Now all they have to do is be careful they don't break the law.

The more people that understand what Arizona is trying to accomplish the more that will jump on board,Illegal is Illegal. If you are not here legally then do the right thing,theirs a process to follow, not like the student who has been here for 11 years and never made any attempt to become a citizen,not only that she got a free education thanks to the tax payers and was driving on the streets with out a license.

Thank you! I am struggling like many parents to put my kids through college, and don't get a dime of assistance so that the illegals can get free everything.

You are right! How do they get away with it? Same way terrorists are able to board our airlines? So many students that are citizens and really need the help don't qualify, yet this woman did 4 years of college at the taxpayers expense! She's not the only one. I know for a fact UTEP has the same problem. I couldn't even get financial aide for my son! We only have 1 income and yet they claim we earn too much. Students that really want an education but can't afford it are boinked! This is America!

Perhaps you should tell him to pretend hes here illegally. Then Utep would give him a free ride!

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