Las Cruces Clinic Under Criminal Investigation Still Open

POSTED: Wednesday, June 17, 2009 - 4:09pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 - 3:20pm

A Las Cruces clinic at the center of a criminal investigation remains open.

The owner of Haese Clinic of Integrative Medicine has been arrested and charged with fraud.

FDA investigators believe Carl Haese has been lying to patients by telling them he'd cured all of the 3000 people he's treated for Lyme disease.

According to a federal search warrant, investigators believe Haese was injecting patients with an unapproved, potentially dangerous, combination of drugs and using a microscope to diagnose them.

Both methods are not approved by the FDA.

According to the feds, patients paid upwards of $5000 dollars for the treatment.

Court document indicate one patient even told investigators he urinated blood after the treatment.

But we found a patient who's very happy with his treatment here.

“They do good work here,” said Mike Rede, who credits the clinic with curing his cancer.

"In my case alone, going from being bed ridden to turning around a hundred percent,” he said.

In April, the FDA searched the clinic and says it confiscated patient files, the microscope, and the drugs allegedly involved in the unapproved treatment.

During a phone conversation with Haese a couple of month ago, he told us he himself never performed procedures on patients and that patients signed consent forms agreeing to take part in experimental treatment.

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that's ainteresting thing for dr carl to say Iwatched him in horror one day pulling blood out of a port in a young woman's arm and mixing it with something in a machine then puting it back in her arm with no gloves or stierlprecautions and he came out of his office sticking food in his mouthand never washed his hands.

Do you remember what year that was , He did a similar thing to me. I know for a fact he is a fraud. Hes not even a Doctor . He went to Nevis for a very negligable amount of time and then claimed himself as a doctor. He was representing himself as a Doctor as early as 2004. I know this for a fact. He is a criminal in many other ways as well. His father was a real Doctor and very smart and it is a shame that his memory is tarnished by his compulsive lying son.

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