La Union still coping with September storms

Monica Cortez-KTSM

POSTED: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 - 7:18pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 - 7:27pm

It’s been almost two months now since the September storms affected many places around the borderland.

And the cleanup is almost about finished in one town, but a couple of things still need fixing.

Residents in La Union, NM were affected by the storms two months ago and some said it hasn't been easy coping with the damage.

But by the community coming together and helping each other out has helped many residents move on.

"I live on San Antonio Street and it was the most affected,” said Martha Anaya, La Union resident. We lasted three weeks without any kind of utility service."

The floods took their toll on Anaya and her home.

Now she said everything is almost back to normal except for one thing.

"The roof is damaged,” she said. “It leaked during the storm and someone still has to come out and fix it."

According to Dona Ana County officials, main roads have been repaired but a few private streets still need attention.

"They have to come back for the paving for some of the streets that were paved and are not paved yet and I know they are doing bids for that," said Mary Ann Galindo, the town council president.

But it’s not only the pavement that needs fixing.

"There are still things to be done,” said Anaya. “There’s streets that are still dark and need lights."

Today town officials, volunteers and relief crews from Roadrunner, provided people with food and a bit of relief from their recent hardships.

Although this program is not related with the storm disaster in La Union is was a huge help for residents.

Several people lined up to get their groceries at little to no cost.

"We provide food at a very low cost to the communities,” said Galindo. “There are communities in all southern New Mexico that receive this kind of food."

Residents said its times like these that bring the town closer together.

"Here in la union it's a small town but we are always very united," said Anaya.

At this point it's still unknown when the roads will be completed, but what is certain is la union will stick together through it all.

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