La Union NM residents desperate for help after storm

La Union NM residents desperate for help after storm

POSTED: Saturday, September 14, 2013 - 4:05pm

UPDATED: Sunday, September 15, 2013 - 5:05pm

Sinkholes, damaged roads and flooding are all part of today's reality in La Union New Mexico,
Michelle Lazarin who has lived here all her life says the damage and need in her town are unprecedented.

"There’s a lot of families without water, gas, no streets it's bad I've never seen it this bad, I've lived here all my life and have never seen it this bad" Lazarin said.

Dozens of families gathered this morning at a community center to share their experiences and listen to the possible solutions.

"We couldn't even get out they didn't even go to work neither, we were just there at the house seeing movies and unable to get out to get groceries or get any water" La Union resident Rudy Facio said.

"we were here to identify what are the basic needs, who needs water electricity, gas all the basic needs first and to identify those so that we can get the appropriate help that those people may need" Doña Ana County Commissioner David Garcia said.

But for La Union residents promises and words are not enough, they say the accumulation of water was because of an inefficient water deck system which led to failures in their water wells.

"we've been promised paved streets since I was like yay small and I mean I know La Union is a little small town community is a farm town but I think it's time to step up and help La Union and give them some paved roads" Lazarin added.

New Mexico State Representative  Mary Garcia recognized the state was not ready for the storm and that there's much to be done.

"it's not only occurring here like we said it's state wide and I think it's an issue that when we meet again in our 30 day session that it will be a concern that needs to be stated and we have to come up with a strategic plan" Garcia said.

According to Dona Ana County officials repair work has started in the most affected areas, State Representative Mary Garcia mentioned that she will call Governor Susana Martinez to ask for disaster state funds that could be available for this community.

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