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Kitchen Cops Reveal Restaurants that Pass and Fail City Health Inspections


POSTED: Friday, July 23, 2010 - 7:20am

UPDATED: Monday, September 13, 2010 - 7:38pm

The El Paso Department of Public Health gave the highest and the lowest scoring food inspection reports between June 6th and June 12th.

First on our A List is Wings and Fries at 494 Kenazo in Horizon City. It scored 94. There were no major violations here.

Next up is the IHOP at 6080 Gateway East. It easily passed inspection with a score of 93. Again, there were no serious violations here.

Finally on the A List is the Pizza Hut/Wing Street on the Westside at 7960 N. Mesa. It scored a 90.

Now on to some of the restaurants that failed inspection, meaning a score of 69 or below. First on our failing list is Grand China Buffet on the Westside at 655 Sunland Park Drive. It scored a 68. We've featured this restaurant on Kitchen Cops before. It failed inspection back in April with a score of 59. This time the inspector noted chicken that wasn't being kept hot enough. There were two roaches under the cabinets of the buffet steam table. The inspector found rodent droppings in a closet room. There was a dirty can opener. A few faucets were leaking. A manager told us they've hired an exterminator and are retraining staff on how to stay up to health code.

Ay Chihuahua at122 S. Mesa, Downtown, scored a 64. The inspector noted cheese that wasn't being kept cold enough. An employee was seen touching her glasses hair and face, then not washing her hands afterward. There was moldy tomato paste in a refrigerator, dirty bowls and spoons and a missing thermometer.

Now on to Buffalo Wild Wings at 10497 Gateway West near the Yarbrough exit. It scored a 61. According to the inspection report, an employee was seen wiping their hands on their apron instead of washing them. Employees were seen handling wings, buns, and tomatoes with their bare hands when they should have been using gloves or utensils. Paper towels were missing from a hand washing sink. There were flies in the restaurant and thermometers were missing from a number of refrigerators. A manager told us the problems were taken care of and he's working with staff to make sure the health code is maintained.

All the restaurants on the failing list corrected as many problems as possible on the spot and then passed a re-inspection. Failing restaurants are also randomly inspected about a month later.

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Like many other issues in our city, the city will find excuses for not monitoring even the food that we consume more closely. All your ideas, despite being very good, will not be acted upon.

Pass an ordinance and make them post their scores on their front doors! How many times does this suggestion have to be made??????

I agree. All food establishments should be required to post the score of their inspection, but also note on the posting the date of their last inspection.

Are you kidding me?? If these so-called restaurants are failing miserably they should post those scores on the door always!! That's why so many people are getting sick in this town, my wife works in a emergency room and she tells me about horrible stomach viruses in this area!!

In California, food establishments have to post a rating in their window for everyone to see before they come inside. That sure would make a difference here in El Paso.

Well if you go to the health inspection scores website you will notice almost every time an un-annouced inspection occurs the food establishment will fail miserably.

But do take note that the announced visits they pass with flying colors. Must be nice to clean up the place that one time.

More un-annouced visits would be best since the city doesn't want to make them carry their scores in the front door yet.

So i agree more random visits please.

I think if these restaurants have poor scores; they should be closed down for a couple of days instead of allowing them to correct the mistakes immediately and back to normal business. By doing this, they will think twice about having dirty restaurants. I think re-inspections done on a randomly basis is a very good idea!!!!

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