Kid With Cancer Benefits From Health Reform

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 - 3:08pm

No one wants to find out their kid has cancer. One Horizon family has been dealing with that news for over a year. Now they feel like a little light is starting to shine through because of the health reform bill being passed.

8-year-old Matthew Ambriz has a tumor in his brain that, so far, doctors haven't been able to take out. Matthew can't get the treatments he needs in El Paso. "We've had to travel to MD Anderson every two months which is in Houston," said Matthews mother Sally Ambriz.

Those trips to Houston are taking a toll on the family financially.

Sally's husband works as a truck driver. The company he works for doesn't pay him enough money to be able to afford all of those trips, but he feels like he can't switch over to a company that does pay him enough money. "We were afraid that when he would apply for a new job, them looking at our sons medical case, they were gonna go ahead and deny him because he does have a pre-existing condition," explained Ambriz.

Now that the health reform bill has passed, Sally's husband can look for another job.

Which ultimately helps Matthew get to Houston. "More income in the household is gonna be better for him because we're not gonna have to be stressing how we're gonna get him out there every two months," said Ambriz.

Instead, the family can focus on Matthew's brain surgery in April.

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