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Just Horsing Around

Wednesday, March 3, 2010 - 5:42pm

Iowa family is proud of their dwarf horse...

It's not often that a horse gets called the family pet, but when that horse is just 18-and-a-half inches tall, it's only natural.

2-year-old Lizzy is a dwarf miniature horse and one of the smallest in the world.

"She is just a wonderful little girl. She kind of runs the place and gets her own way. She's a little princess," says Ann Mork, Lizzy's owner.

So small that her family, the Morks, can pull her around in this custom made wagon.

Still, traveling used to be difficult for Lizzy.

Dwarfism deformed her legs causing them to bend inward under her weight until Dr. John Rein of the Harmony Veterinary Clinic began fitting her with "shoes."

"These shoes are designed to put some, put some leverage on the outside that keeps her from going to the side," explains Dr. Rein.

The biggest obstacle for this little horse has been just surviving.

Horses like Lizzy normally don't survive more than a few days.

The Morks hope Lizzy will someday grow old.

"We can't imagine going to the barn without her," says Ann.

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