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Jury hands convicted killer 25 years in prison

Jury hands convicted killer 25 years in prison

POSTED: Wednesday, May 22, 2013 - 2:58pm

UPDATED: Thursday, May 23, 2013 - 9:29am

A convicted murdurer will spend 25 years in prison and pay a $5,0000 fine. A jury found Michael Hererra guilty of murder on Tuesday in an El Paso District Courtroom after several hours of deliberation.

This time, jurors were deciding how long Hererra would be in prison. Wednesday morning, jurors asked the judge what would happen if they couldn't come to a decision. The judge did not answer their question and instead, told them to discuss the issue for another 10 minutes.

The jury ultimately continued the deliberation for several hours more before they came to their decision.

"In talking with the jury I believe that they really spent a lot of time considering all the evidence that was presented by both the State and the Defense. I think that it was very important to them to render a punishment that they thought was fair and I believe they think they have given a punishment that was fair in this case," Melissa Warrick, an Assistant District Attorney for the County told us.

We also spoke with a friend of the convicted murderer who believes that the sentence is fair, "First I was happy then I was sad, when they were saying from five to 99 years. It was very sad for me because he's still a kid. For me, he's still a kid. But when they said 25-years, I have faith in God, that he will persevere because he's a good kid," Maria Segura said.

As we've reported, Hererra has been convicted of murdering his boyfriend, Cesar Torres in 2009.

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"he's a good kid". So good kids murder their friends?

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