Jury Continues to Deliberate in Marmolejo Murder Trial

Friday, October 15, 2010 - 5:06pm

EL PASO- It's David Marmolejo on trial, but it was Mariah Wilson who starred in closing arguments today.

Defense attorney Greg Anderson was up first.  His arguments focused on Wilson, and not David Marmolejo, as the guilty party.

He discussed what he called holes in Wilson's story, specifically pointing out that she lied to police three times before supposedly telling the truth.

"You could drive a truck through Mariah Wilson's story," Anderson said.

Wilson got immunity from the state for her testimony, prompting Anderson to say, "She is an accomplished liar...she wasn't going to tell them she did it because then she wouldn't get immunity."

DA Jaime Esparza argued the exact opposite.  He said the key witness told the truth from the moment she got on the stand.

"I say based on how she acted, based on how she answered...she's trustworthy and she's credible," Esparza said.

He also went over several calls Marmolejo made the night his mother was killed, saying they put him in the right place to commit the murder at the right time.

If no verdict is reached tonight, the expectation is that the jury will return for deliberations tomorrow.  We'll keep you posted throughout the weekend.

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