Judge William Brogan Conducts Secret Hearing


POSTED: Sunday, January 23, 2011 - 6:36pm

UPDATED: Sunday, December 4, 2011 - 1:08pm

ALAMOGORDO, NM - An Alamogordo mom is in jeopardy of losing custody of her daughter for no apparent reason and the judge in the hearing is blocking anyone from finding out why.

Judge William Brogan held today's custody hearing in secret and forced Rosa Caje, the mom, to keep quiet about what happened in what seems like an illegal prior restraint.

We asked Judge Brogan to talk to us about his reasons for the secrecy in the case but he refused to even come out of his office.

Last April, Caje was arrested for refusing to hand her daughter Olivia over to a woman named Mary Bruer.

Caje and her daughter lived with Bruer for a few months and because of that, the court named Bruer the psychological grandmother.

The court then gave Bruer full custody of Olivia.

Bruer has no blood relation to Olivia and at 2-and-a-half years old, Olivia doesn't likely remember Bruer.

There has never been an investigation from the children youth and families department that would give reason to take Olivia away from her mom.

Caje had said from the start that Bruer is getting support from friends in high places.

Today Bruer didn't want to talk to us on camera.

Instead she directed us to her attorney who told us this is just about a child seeing her grandmother (psychological grandmother.)

In December, a court ruled in favor of Caje and said there was no reason for Bruer to have custody of her child.

Bruer turned to Judge William Brogan to have that decision reversed and now Judge Brogan is conducting the hearing in secret.

We will continue to follow this developing story.

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The in is in the court room from someone who has more power over justice. Same ol same ol. I have been in there 3 times and had to pull out my checkbook or go to jail or pay money I didn't owe to my ex. I am a Texas resident and the law's of service hear require that I am lawfully served here in Texas. I have not been now I have 2 warrents for my arrest, the last one is to be held without bond. AND THE BOTTOM LINE IS I'M THE CUSTODIAL PARENT UNDER NM LAW? HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD WITH THIS

Really Curious as to what happened? Did the mom get to keep her child?

I can totally relate. I was held in contempt by Judge Larsen for not allowing the father of my son to take him because he was exposing him to the person that molested my son. This individual has been arrested and still has access to my him. Who is looking after our children? Currently I'm fighting an appeal, he was given sole custody of our son. My children were separated only see each other the 1st, 3rd weekend of the month. Are these judges really looking after these kids?

Disgusting what this lady and judge are doing to this mother. I can't grasp how this thing has gone on for so long. The mother needs to sue the hell out of the state.

Judges can exclude the public from hearings if in the best interest of the child, people. Clearly, there is a lot going on that we, the general public, don't know. The child has a guardian ad litem in these circumstances, which is a laywer that represents the child. Don't let the emotions pull on your heartstrings...I guarantee you that this was done for a good reason, one we just don't know yet.

News Channel 9 ought to do the right thing and funnel this story to MSNbc and the National Broadcast of Brian Williams’ show to ensure that the right people in the right offices take a close at this and do something about it. Its obvious that there is no one that is going to do anything about it in this region and its very disappointing that this matter has already gone this far!

The mother better speak out or she's cooked. If she doesn't speak out to protect her own child then she will lose her child by her own stupidity and fear.

The judge has got that look like, "I'm gonna put you on double secret probation."

This Judge is out of his mind...is there even a NM State Statue for "Psychological Grandmother/father", if so, the Statue should have been documented in the Court Pleadings.... I am not shocked that the CYFD or FYI (same as one) has NO DOCUMENTATION, those employee's are not educated enough!
Do we have to wait until these children are dead or badly abused to get attention...get with the damn program...help and don't judge..remember karma is one hell of a battle to beat!

Ms. Caje should take the initative and approach CYFD for assistance. This seems like a terrible injustice that is occurring, what a horrible nightmare, this woman obviously was needing help at one time and for this Bruer woman to take advantage in such a way is a disgrace.

This is just a corrupted State in General, the Judge has soo much to hide and lose..those of us that have gone through all of this nonsense is just a flight of SM!


If the mom had any sense she would violate the judge's gag order and expose them all. The worst thing he can do to her is put her in jail for contempt which has to be nothing compared to losing your child.

Speak up lady of forever lose you kid!

This is crazy, unbelievable. There is no justice in that court room. Judical Standards sound more appropriate for this judge?

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