Judge: Sunland Park's Election Will Happen


POSTED: Friday, March 2, 2012 - 10:14pm

UPDATED: Monday, March 5, 2012 - 12:58pm

Reaction is pouring into over the decision to go ahead and hold Tuesday's election in Sunland Park.

The state wanted to postpone the election, but a Doña Ana County Judge denied that request.
The election will go on despite what District Attorney Amy Orlando calls solid evidence of corruption.

"After all of the arguments were heard, Judge Reidal denied the state’s motion for an injunction stating that the irreparable damage, the burden that the state has to prove being irreparable damage was not met,” said Orlando.

Even Sunland Park's Mayor Martin Resendiz wanted the election suspended. The state's investigation shows 13 people are registered to vote using the home address of Sunland Park employee Dario Hernandez. Hernadez is wanted on conspiracy charges connected to a sex tape showing mayoral candidate Gerardo Hernendez.

"There is additional people that have registered to vote in Sunland Park, and live in El Paso, Texas. They have not voted yet, but it will be a, I guess after the fact going in and reviewing those to determine if they did indeed vote,” said Orlando.

Orlando says as many as 20 people will be charged with voter fraud, and face a year and a half behind bars.

Daniel Salinas will remain on the ballot for mayor, but if he wins the election, conspiracy charges prohibit him from entering City Hall or communicating with city employees.

Orlando says people have lost their lives' fighting to protect our freedom to vote.

"They fought for our right to vote in a fair, an honest and with integrity so that everybody that is an elected official, is elected with honor, and they know that they were elected legally,” said Orlando.

The District Attorney's Office says it will join law enforcement to monitor Tuesday's election to watch for any illegal activity.


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It is disturbing to hear D.A. Amy Orlando talk about honesty and integrity when corruption is a regular practice in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Dona Ana Sheriff Deputy Johnathan Riedel son of District Judge Susan Riedel was armed with a shot gun and drunk according to Albuqueque journal while his jealous friend pointed an AR 14 assault rifle at three people. Johnathan Riedel was not charged or fired. Police officers take an oath to protect and serve not participate in criminal activity. Judge Susan Riedel was appointed by Governor Susana Martinez, and Amy Orlando all worked together when Martinez was D.A. Any D.A office with integrity would have charged him or terminated him, not protect him. I was directed to a website called disintegratingjustice.com that shows the corruption in Dona Ana County. Later I read the book DISINTEGRATING JUSTICE by D.F.R. and I recommend any body that lives in New Mexico, El Paso, or surrounding areas to read it you will be amazed. Corruption in Las Cruces is a disgrace and needs to get exposure like El Paso in order to slow it down or stop it.

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