Juarez Victims Identified as Wedding Party


POSTED: Tuesday, May 11, 2010 - 11:38am

UPDATED: Saturday, May 15, 2010 - 9:20am

Juarez - Chihuahua state police confirm that three of the four bodies found in the back of a pickup truck in east Juarez on Monday were those of the U.S. citizens abducted during a wedding last week.

Our media partners at the El Paso Times say police identified the victims as the groom Rafael Morales Valencia, 29; his brother Jaime Morales Valencia, 25; and their uncle Guadalupe Morales Arriola, 51.

The identity of the fourth victim was not released.

The Morales were taken away after gunmen burst into the wedding ceremony on Friday evening at El Señor de la Misericordia Catholic church.

Family members said the men are U.S. citizens from La Mesa, New Mexico.

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i cant belive the mexican presedent is comming to america to protest the arizona law but yet cant control its own government and economy the hypocrisy

This is whatthewhat commented on another News article, "DePORT HIM! He looks illegal to me" GEEEEZZZZZ... what an Idiot!!

just like I said earlier, if you have nothing to fear about this life, because you always been a law abiding person, there is not reason to fear going to Juarez. I have gone to my hairdresser for the last 25 years (every 2 months) and I walk the bridge all the way to the Mercado on 16th Septembre and I have never been talk or approched by any one other than a casual taxi driver, and he just want to make a living there. These people in the wedding party must had done something wrong


Lets make this real simple for you all. To the cartels time is money everything is about money, they arent going to kidnap someone out of the blue and kill them. These people obviously had some dealings with the cartels and the paid for it with their lives. Any logical citizen of the united states would not say HEY LETS GO GET MARRIED IN A WAR ZONE. So if your a law abiding citizen of the Unites States and you stay out of Juarez your pretty much o.k.

you are very right in your statement.

When are the citizens of mexico going to stand together and take back their country?Our older AMERICAN generations put their lives on the line to give me and future generations oppurtunities in America so why arent u?So stop waiting for someone else to take care of it and take responsibility for yourselves.


"When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty." -Thomas Jefferson

They should hold hands and fight those "federales" and military, cause theyre really not doing anything to help Juarez. Beat up all those killer and narcs publicly cause if they go to prison. They'll be out in a day or two.To let them see that the Juarez will fear no more & that they will take justice into their own hands since the goverment can do it. They get bribe.

How can you compare the both? Its not the government making these decisions to kill. On the other hand, the govermnent allowing racial profiling to be used by government entities is definitely wrong and unjust. Maybe they should start pining burrito signs on all hispanics and avoid the issue alltogether. Combating ignorance is definitely what should be a priority.

The point of the fact is!! They're illegal ! as soon as they crossed. But ignorant people still fight and vote for human rights for illegals. So what, that does? is, in a way it comforts the illegals, they can stretch their rights now. Get a lawyer go to court become a resident. So how are we really protecting and controlling are borders.I don't disagree on the law enforcement checking your alias. why feel offended if you got nothing to hide. Times are tough on the our borders.

Thank you CRROB2392. You're the only one that has made sense here. I wrote a similar comment earlier.

I'm not asking anyone to agree or disagree with what is going on in Arizona. Personally, I think it's racist and I know that it is illegal. Check 4th Amendment all you die hards that I bet have no clue. All I'm saying is keep your agenda out of here as well. You cannot compare the two. RIDICULOUS!

Who would have a wedding in Juarez when you are a citizen of the United States? I would what the conversation sounded like? (Hey honey lets go get married in Juarez, despite it being the most violent city in world!)

Spillover in reverse: it appears that a lot of the drug-related murders in Juarez would happen on our side of the border if the border was say 300 miles away. The dopers just find it easier to take each other out over there. There is an apparent mutual gentleman's agreement in place, meaning that only in cases of extreme importance will there be violence on the U.S. side of the border. Question is: How long will that gentleman's agreement last?

According to the dolts on the council, MURDER pales in comparision to the indignity suffered by ILLEGALS who are asked for proof of residency. Those who voted for the boycott are self-serving fools pandering to CRIMINALS.


Too bad that with the law and its subjectivity, anyone that doesn't fit the mold of what an American is supposed to look like will be illegally searched. It is illegal as it will break our 4th Amendment. Who is to say what an American looks like and what an illegal alien looks like to determine the difference. I'm not saying that the US or Arizona should not do anything to curb illegal entry into the country, but at the same time, they should not be allowed to violate our Constitutional Rights

you probably call me an ignorant also, but the first thing which would make me feel a person is not an American Citizen in this country is, most of the illegals do not speak English and of course they are not trying either. My view in this subject is: question these people which are asking for support form the government, question when they are trying to get into our schools, our hospitals and so on. I bet you 75% of them do not have legal paper to prove their right to be in this country.

So now what..?????? we now have American citizens being kidnapped and murdered so what are we to do now.???? Although i beleive as an American you really have no business in Mexico unless you are on a layover for a flight to or out of the US, nonetheless Americans are now being targeted kidnapped murdered and being dumped as so much garbage so now what does the head of Homeland security plan on doing..??????

What can Homeland Security do...if people don't listen to STAY AWAY!!!!!

If you don't lIve in Mexico, knowing how dangerous it is there right now, why would you go over there. There's been so many, many warnings....."STAY AWAY FROM JUAREZ" can't people read???? People that insist on going across the border must have a Death WIsh, why else would they continue to go. There is no reason in this world to go unless, like it has been said, you must be involved and tangled up with these Drug Cartels. Nothing is worth loosing your life IT'S A WAR ZONE....STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!

A saying" If you don't owe no one anything or living a life in bad terms, Why should you fear. It doesn't crossed my mind that, that people were doing something wrong. Or at least one of them was. why else would they want to kill you for? Just for the hell of it i don't think so.

If you read the article correctly they were in a church in JUAREZ! You make it seem like they were taken from their homes in the United Sates and then murdered. What can DHS do about it if the crime never happened in the HOMELAND? Answer that one mister "not an ese" My point is that the murders in Juarez have made GLOBAL news and if you still dare to enter that city then you should know the consequences! I seriously doubt that the party was part of a random attack. They probably were targets

Exactly !!!!!!

Our city council wants to BOYCOTT ARIZONA but not JUAREZ???? Which is worst? Murder or a new law that seeks to deport criminal aliens/ illegals? Get your priorities right.

2 diffrent issues, dont compare the lives of these gentelmen with a stupid law and not all are Criminals...ROSALES

Mr. Rosales don't be ignorant please. How can you compare these two situations. The problems in Juarez are spurred by drug cartels and their various partners in crime. Criminals are criminals but a government is not supposed to be; therefore, people are calling for the boycott of Arizona because of its implementation of modern day Jim Crowe laws. Although I agree that Arizona's law is criminal, government should always be held to a higher standard.

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