Juarez Residents Say New Video Game "Glorifies" Violence, Cartels


POSTED: Thursday, March 10, 2011 - 1:52pm

UPDATED: Monday, March 14, 2011 - 7:40am

JUAREZ— A new video game has cause controversy on both sides of the border, and in Juarez—the city the video game is based on— the reaction is anger.

“Call of Juarez: The Cartel,” a video game by French developers Ubisoft, allows gamers to play as three characters and take the law into their own hands. But residents said the video game focuses on the drug cartel violence in their city. The developers advertise it as a “bloody road trip from Los Angeles to Juarez.”

Community leaders also said the game “glorifies” the violence, and will attract children whom are already drawn to crime.

City Councilman Hector Arceluz said they are willing to go to an international court if that would keep the game from being sold.

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If it does get into a kid's hands, which we know it will since a lot parents buy their kids stuff without looking into ESRB ratings, it can let them see what is really going on. Some will step back and see how bad it really is, while others will just play it for what it is -oblivious to the the story. Any form of media can be seen for its positive or negative outcome and is vulnerable to attack.

I can only hope that Rockstar Games makes Grand Theft Auto V: The Mexico Stories.

The game will not get thrown out. It's just a story. Unfortunately it does hit close to home, but the reality of the matter is, there are many games based on real life stories. Whether we agree with them or not, games and movies will still be made. This is also educational, whether everyone wants to see it or not. Kids can see what is actually going on and how everyone sits back and watches. This should not be looked at as only negative.

Does this mean that the US can ban the ever popular NARCO corridos, which are very popular in Mexican culture? Get a life Mexico, smell the chorizo, and admit your country is becoming a FAILED STATE little, by little. Hope the UN comes to your miserable mercy in the near future.

This will be thrown out of court.If thats the case you better look into banning Call of Duty for playing an american soldier fighting and shooting german soldiers during WWII.

Plus theres this thing called ESRB that will slap a "M" for mature audience only. So its left to the parents if they buy it for children under 18.

You people are just ridiculous.

You wouldn't take a 9yr old to a rated "R" movie now would you.

Wow amazingly the government is more worried that the video game will tarnish the image of Mexico, please like the countless murders havent done that already. I have heard it first hand from kids in that city that all they wanna grow up to be are NARCOs. nice role modeling.

Maybe the councilman should focus on the glorification of drug traffickers and their lifestyle in Mexican pop culture.

Hector Arceluz will never keep that game from being sold, as Mexico cannot dictate what entertainment can and cannot be created and sold in the US>

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