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Juarez Police Captain Murdered


POSTED: Thursday, June 10, 2010 - 11:18pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 14, 2010 - 1:27pm

Also today in central Juarez, a municipal police captain was executed. The captain had just gotten off from work when he was driving his white pick up in central Juarez. A group of gunmen approached his truck and opened fire. In both cases, no arrests were made.

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Mexican bureacracy, law enforcement and government has been impotent and/or corrupt for so long. Sadly corruption was institutionalized before the drug wars began to fire up in the nineties and now are completely uncontrollable. I think too much credit is given to Mexico as a working government when people suggest that Calderon, federales or other Mexican government entities can do anything at this point.
That's why it's imperative that the border be completely controlled from the U.S. side.

Dear readers have you noticed the president of Mexico and the Mayor of Juarez have no comment now! How Sad! Where are the activest silent now and Illegal. Illegal Mexicans don't have lolatiy for this Country, Please prove me wrong! They consume.

The American people are feed up with Mexico. The only thing that comes from Mexico is corruption, crime, drugs and Illegals, Please prove me wrong here! The Mexican President and the Juarez Mayor demands a full investigation on the shooting of a child smuggler. Maybe they should look at Mexican TV Univison and take a look. 5,000 plus killed in Juarez this year. where is the Investigation? Hunderes of women Raped and Murder? Prove me wrong? Mexicans in El Paso will go over the border and vote.

They rather march and grow a voice in a country that they are not legally part of but ask them to stand together and make their home country better and the crowd is silent.Its a shame that they cannot realize their government wants every citizen to be opressed and work and live in poverty. If the mexico goverment didn't then why isn't there a minimum wage law or fair housing or proper medical care for all, oh wait Caldron doesn't want you to have it. So jump the fence because its easier.

sorry this is happening, but unless the Juarez Police, the Mayor and Calderon do something about all these killers, it will not stop. Its time they clean up this city of all the gangs and hoodlooms ()sp).

Did someone see president Calderon making a statement about this captains murder, execution style? i am just asking because he likes to comment on the one about the bp agent and the 15 year old smuggler. Someone should send the story to president Calderon since he is against agents using guns, stun guns, or batons.

You have a valued point. What are the Mexican Officals saying about this? Everyday people are killed in Juarez and what is President Calderon doing about it? Does not look like much. So much Corruption in Mexico.

I would like to hear what the mayor of Juarez say about that.

I wonder if the mexican people will throw rocks at the sicarios?



He makes a great point... Si no quieren que les disparen a los imigrantes ILEGALES (ilegales, o sea contra la ley), entonces mantengalos alla... El comentario que tu haces implica que esta bien tirarle piedras a un agente de Estados Unidos por que se supone que sabes que no te va a hacer nada, pero tirarle piedras a un sicario es ilogico porque es "peligroso"... Esa es una actitud muy cobarde que refleja lo que esta pasando en TODO Ciudad Juarez, y en todo Mexico.

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