Juarez Mayor: If You Left Juarez, You Betrayed Us


POSTED: Thursday, March 22, 2012 - 8:31pm

UPDATED: Friday, March 23, 2012 - 9:20am

Is The Mayor of Juarez ashamed of people in his city who move to The United States for their own protection? On Wednesday, Mayor Hector Murguia said that anyone who's moved from Juarez is a traitor.
Mayor Murguia's comments are turning heads. He says people who've left Juarez should have stayed to fight the drug cartels.

Mayor Murguia has strong words for anyone who's fled Juarez.

"The Juarez residents that aren't traitors, that haven't abandoned the battlefield, we're still in Juarez defending in the foxholes. And we're going to die here. That is our duty, and if it's not worth it, giving up our lives for the ones who come after us, then we're not Mexicans,” said Mayor Murguia.

Paula Gutierrez lives in Juarez. She says many of her family members have moved to El Paso partly because of cartel violence, but also for economic reasons.

"My uncles live here because here they make more money. The violence in Juarez isn't good. So then they come and move over here, and aside from that it’s more comfortable here,” said Gutierrez.

There's a third reason that Guitierrez also wants to join her family in El Paso.

"I would like to live over here because the truth is I'd like to study over here and have my career here. There is more work here and in Juarez it's really hard to find a job,” said Gutierrez.

Kim Garcia lives in New Mexico and worries for her family back in Juarez.  Her family also worries for her, and they ask her not to return to Juarez.

"They don't want us to cross the border. We haven't gone in three years because it's too scary. They keep a lot from us,” said Garcia.

Early 2012 statistics show violence may be easing across the river. According to Mexican sources, the murder rate in Juarez is lower than last year.




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