Juarez elects a new mayor

KTSM Benjamin Zamora

POSTED: Sunday, July 7, 2013 - 6:02pm

UPDATED: Monday, July 8, 2013 - 8:03pm

The day is finally here and Juarez is ready to start a new chapter and administration, juarenses say that whoever becomes the new mayor will face many challenges, thousands of residents are in the process of electing a new mayor.

“I feel fine that I’m doing my obligation as a citizen and I guess everyone needs to be a little bit more conscious about the importance of participating in these kinds of exercises” Roberto Barbosa a Juarez resident said.

According to Jose Luis Mauricio an El Paso/Juarez businessman this may be one of the most important elections in the borderland as both cities begin a new administration.

“when People see there’s leadership in the mayor then they realize they can do business in Juarez, just to give you an idea for every 4 jobs that are created in Juarez one is created in El Paso, in that effect were are very close to whatever happens in El Paso or Juarez in the elections politically what ever happens in the political arena it affects both cities definitely does” Mauricio said.

Mayoral candidates Enrique Serrano and Maria Antonieta Perez have talked about the importance of binational relations, we reached Serrano as he voted, because of Mexican electoral law his comments were limited.

“Its very important to have a bilateral relation but I don’t want to talk or extend more on the subject, because the law prohibits us to talk about the proposals we presented to the public I cant talk now, but Ill be more than happy to talk later ” PRI candidate Enrique Serrano said.

Mauricio hopes for more bilateral agreements to increase the border's economy while Juarez residents ask for more security.

“People like myself that do business in both sides of the border, are understanding that we need to work together as one community, we don’t need to separate it by the bridge or by the river” Mauricio concluded.

“Security of the city, we are demanding we can walk again free on the streets without any fear” Barbosa added.

Media reports indicate that more than 30 % of registered Juarez voters have participated in this election.

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