Juarez Documentary Premieres Tonight in El Paso


POSTED: Friday, February 18, 2011 - 8:58am

UPDATED: Monday, March 14, 2011 - 7:37am

EL PASO - The violence in Juarez is the subject of a documentary premiering tonight in El Paso.

The movie titled "8 Murders a Day" was shot in Fall 2010.

It will play on screens at Basset Place.

The director Charlie Minn spent several months shooting the film in Juarez.

He also used video from scenes shot by NewsChannel 9's reporter in Juarez.

Minn says while the violence in Juarez is covered by local media, the movie takes a closer look.

He says the film contains emotional interviews with people directly affected by the drug war.

The film premieres tonight at the movie theater at Basset Place.

It will run through next Thursday.

If there is a strong showing of support, Minn says the showings could be extended.

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I hope the people of el paso will not only pay attention to the sadness of senseless murder but also to the very real fact that el paso has no real "border." This is not just about what 's happening to the people of Juarez but what does this mean to those of us living in the delusion of safety in a city with less than "six degrees of separation" This is not the result of famine or disease, this is a crime syndicate operating where we sleep and raise our children. Some of them are our children.

Congrats Mr. Minn. I will make a point to go see it and support deeper understanding of what is happening beyond the sensation of murder and drugs.

I am from El Paso and keep up with the border news. I now live in the Dallas/FW area. Will it be shown elsewhere? RR

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