Juarez City Workers Busy Disinfecting Public Places

POSTED: Thursday, April 30, 2009 - 6:21am

UPDATED: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - 9:29pm

Although cases of the swine flu have not been reported in Juarez, measures are being taken there due to the more than 150 deaths and 2,600 people who are sick in Mexico because of it. Now Juarez is hoping staying clean will help them stay healthy.

There is a big task at hand for city workers in Juarez as they work to disinfect public places to try to prevent the swine flu from spreading. At Juarez International Airport, workers wearing masks and equipped with special chemicals began to disinfect door knobs, seats, phones, pretty much anything that people touch got a scrub down.

It was the same story over at the bus station in central Juarez, a place that sees a lot of travelers from south Mexico. "It is very important to take all this precautions to prevent the spread and make this problem bigger and bigger. These measures are very adequate," said traveler Jaime Gutierrez.

Another major undertaking for city workers: pedestrian bridges, where hundreds of people cross into El Paso. Workers wiped down equipment that people touch every day. And the precautions don't stop there. The Mexican government has ordered military members to use masks.

Speaking of masks, it's one item that's hard to find. "At this moment we are out of masks. We have sold all of them. We have made an emergency petition for more," said pharmacist Hilda Cano.

Even though the government has ordered night clubs and restaurants to close, some businesses ignored that order. Because of that, the government says businesses that stay open could receive a fine.

City leaders announced the annual Labor Day parade, scheduled for May 1st, will be canceled as a precautionary measure. All professional and amateur games have also been scrapped.

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