John Mayer signs El Pasoan's yearbook, tweets about it

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) - It was a special day that was years coming for one El Paso man. On Tuesday, John Mayer performed in Albuquerque and El Paso native Luis Ocaña knew he had to be there.

The 2013 Immanuel Baptist graduate was voted 'Most Likely to Perform with John Mayer' in his Senior yearbook and he wasn't about to let the chance pass him by. He bought tickets for the show right away, but the tickets were farther back than he would have liked.

A few days before the concert, he checked again and found tickets that were on the third row. He called the ticketing company and exchanged his tickets for the closer seats and began working on a poster that would catch Mayer's attention.

Ocaña set off to Albuquerque on Tuesday and started tweeting Mayer on the way. "Please sign my Yearbook."  Mayer saw Ocaña's bubble-lettered sign and stopped the show so he could sign "this girl's yearbook."

When Ocaña stepped forward, Mayer joked to the crowd that he seemed a little old to need a yearbook signature, but happily obliged anyway. 

After the concert, Ocaña tweeted a thank you to Mayer. That's when Mayer finally realized what the text inside the yearbook said.  It was a dream come true for Ocaña, who says he's always admired Mayer.

Watch the whole interaction below (check after the 5 minute mark).

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