John Cook and Norma Chavez make campaign announcements


POSTED: Monday, September 2, 2013 - 5:13pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 3, 2013 - 8:20pm

The race for Texas state offices has started and former El Paso mayor John Cook announced his candidacy for Texas land commissioner, that office oversees all state land and retrieves funds for education.

"I can do the job and I'm the man for it and most importantly I don't want to buy their vote, but I'm sure going to work hard to earn it" John Cook said.

Cook is not the only one who is stepping up to the political plate as, former State Rep. Norma Chavez decided to challenge incumbent Rep. Naomi Gonzalez and Congressman Pete Gallego's aid Cesar Blanco for the state rep 76 seat.

"I go in with the experience and I also go in with my seniority so with my seniority that plugs in for El Paso so I'd like an opportunity to once again represent the people of district 76" Chavez said.

But for some El Pasoans, elections need to go beyond campaign promises and they demand solutions for many of the problems facing the region.

"We have raising prices and taxes you name it including poverty things are just getting more expensive and not enough things are being done to help those who really need it" El Paso resident Juan Williams said.

"Make school more affordable so that students and even older adults can afford to better themselves" resident Emily Ortega said.

Even though Cook and Chavez accept the challenge, they admit the journey won't be easy, but both say they're ready

"My opponent on the republican side has already started his campaign with 2 million dollars and I'm starting with zero but, you know what I've ran political campaigns before with nothing but shoe leather that doesn't scare me" Cook said.

"I think that going back to the legislature will and providing my experience with them will help delegations over all in this critical time in the Texas legislature" Chavez said.


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In following El Paso's activity during cultural events, other campaigns, & issues that mattter to me (education) I admit I always see Norma Chavez's name. She is there, w/both feet in, involved, like I would want my representative to be.
Listening to her radio program is an amazing who's who of El Paso! Oh my what she knows & understands astounds me. This congenial woman knows movers & shakers. I listen to her as she is in touch w/the people who get involved & do things to improve the community.

Wow so Norma the drunken party girl thinks she can get her seat on the house back. Man that is the dumbest idea she has ever come up with. Anyone of the other candidates, including the incumbent is better that Norma.

And then to top it off Cook thinks his word is gospel. Give us all a break ese. Both Cook and Norma will most likely make fools of themselves. I just hope they don't make the rest of us look bad. At least Cook trys to help ,people, Norma is all about herself.

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