John Bohannon Apologizes for Anti-gay Tweet

John Bohannon Apologizes for Anti-gay Tweet

POSTED: Friday, June 10, 2011 - 1:14pm

UPDATED: Monday, June 20, 2011 - 9:06am

UTEP Sophomore basketball player John Bohannon issued an apology today after posting the following anti-gay message on his twitter account June 6th.:

"#letsbereal it's NOT cool to be gay!"

The University provided no comment other than to say that Bohannon was quoting lyrics from the song "These Days" by rapper Z-ro. The tweet was in reference to a line in the song that reads:

"Seems like today it's cool to be gay."

The tweet has since been deleted and today the sophomore center posted an apology on his twitter account saying, "To those who were offended by my tweet a few days ago- Didn't mean any disrespect by it as I do not judge anybody by their sexual preference and would hope you would not judge me by one tweet. Thank You."

UTEP says they will provide no further comment on the incident and plan to take no further action.

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Im sure he is a potentiol asset to the athletic department, and this will soon go away, but when is the Athletic Dept of UTEP going to hold the feet to the fire f these idiots? If they dont its UTEPS fault for condoning this kind of behavior, and putting up with it for winning records.

Then the gay community needs there feet held to the fire when they label someone bigoted or homophobic for expressing a dissenting opinion.

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