Jobs Top Agenda During GOP Debate

Jobs Top Agenda During GOP Debate

POSTED: Wednesday, September 7, 2011 - 8:47pm

UPDATED: Thursday, September 8, 2011 - 8:06pm

Jobs took center stage during tonight's GOP debate. Texas Governor Rick Perry, who debated his fellow republican contenders for the first time since announcing his bid for the presidency, wasted no time playing his trump card.

Governor Perry touted his record as a job creator during the event, and said that Texas has put more people to work than any other state in the nation.

"What America is looking for, is to get America working again...we put the model together in Texas. When you look at what we have done in the last decade, we have created one million jobs in the state of Texas at the same time America lost two and a half million,” said Gov. Perry.

The governor also addressed border security. He said it's pointless to talk about immigration reform unless you secure the border first.

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The democrats must be licking their chops after last nites "debate", by the Band of Political Buffons representing the republicans. What a Joke!!

How could it be that Texas set the model for the rest of the nation, when employees from the workforce are being laid off. What can citizens expect if the place they go to look for a job is laying off people. In addition, there are no funds for training. What are the unemployed supposed to do. Governor Perry has his facts crossed.

This is the guy who lied about the state of Texas being in great shape economically until he got re-elected governor of the state, after which it became known the state had a 25 billion dollar deficit. What else is he going to lie about? Bombs keep blowing up in El Paso maybe? Yeah we've all heard that before!

This is the guy who lied to the citizens of our state that everything in Texas was OK economically until he got reelected governor and then we (the state's residents), found out that we had a 25 billion dollar state budget deficit. How can we trust a man who lies about this among other things like spillover violence that he claims has reached El Paso to the extent of "car bombs" going off in our great city.

and that was all a lie. the federal government accounts for a great number of the jobs created in Texas in the past few years. when Perry stated that "government spending won't create one job" (that's a direct quote), he's obviously lying through his teeth. either that or he has no idea what's going on in TX. neither would surprise me.

Perry may not be the best candidate, but anyone is better than the clown we have now.

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