Jeffrey Farrey's defense attorney speaks out about his client

Jeffrey Farrey's defense attorney speaks out about his client

POSTED: Friday, November 22, 2013 - 7:15pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, November 27, 2013 - 10:29am

It has been two days since five-month-old Jackson Farrey's body was found in Orogrande, New Mexico.

His father Jeffrey Farrey is distraught and emotional, according to his lawyer Joe Spencer.

"He's obviously upset over the situation, losing his son," said Spencer.

Spencer says his client, a Fort Bliss soldier is innocent of any wrongdoing.

"He had nothing to do with the death of his baby. There's no history in his background. He has no criminal record," said Spencer.

But Spencer did not shift blame away from the baby's mother, Jenna Farrey. She pleaded guilty to child abandonment charges in 2012, while Jeffrey was half a world away.

"That occurred while he was serving our country in Afghanistan. He was never here during those allegations or incidents of child abuse or child neglect," said Spencer.

But Jeffrey's lawyer admits his client saw warning signs, even then.

"He saw signs when he was in Afghanistan, but he still had hope as we all do to keep a family together . And was hoping that with the help CPS was going to provide, Jenna would become the type of mother, he was hoping she would be," said Spencer.

The family was reported missing exactly one week ago, after allegedly leaving a suicide note. The note claimed they were going to kill themselves because of money troubles.

"There were some financial issues. Jenna's vices and habits and what she felt as priority are things that Jenna's gonna have to address herself," said Spencer.

While military officials confirm Farrey will also face an AWOL charge, Spencer says his client was an honorable soldier.

"He's always fulfilled his military obligation. He has numerous medals while he was in Afghanistan," said Spencer.

He hopes the court system will give Jeffery the chance to prove his innocence.

"A young man that has found himself in a very bad situation with a very bad partner," said Spencer.

Spencer also said that the Farreys have been clear about wanting to take custody of Blake until Jeffrey can fulfill his fatherly duties.
As for Jenna Farrey, El Paso County Sheriff's officials tell us she'll be extradited from Michigan December 3rd. 

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He is as guilty as his wife.

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