Javier Perea Named Sunland Park's New Mayor

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 - 9:17pm

They didn’t confirm his resume, they didn't perform a background check, but the Sunland Park City Council has chosen a new mayor.
By a 4-2 vote, the job goes to 24-year -old Javier Perea.
By political standards he's a child, but Sunland Park hopes this child will lead them out of a wilderness of corruption and despair.

The young man emerged from the crowd and nominated himself as the person to recue Sunland Park.

"Resting members of city council, my name is Javier Perea. I'm a lifelong resident of Sunland Park,” Perea told the council.

City council had already denied the job to Gerardo Hernandez, the runner up in the recent election.

"I say, just give me a change and I will prove to you that I can make a difference,” said Perea.

With a Bachelor’s degree from NMSU in Business Administration, Perea says the city needs a new voice to get back on track.

"What we need to change is the mentality, and the mentality is just because you know somebody you can get a job in the city. That's not been working well recently,” said Perea.

Perea says he's ready to get down to work immediately.

"I plan on being in here on Monday, and you know start working with the people to figure out where their problems are, where the money is, how much do we have, what can we do to better the community?. I mean, I can't just go in and make changes just because. I need to go in and do research, and find out what we need to change,” said Perea.

Perea still needs to take his oath of office.



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