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Japan Assessing Devastation and Undertaking Rescues

Saturday, March 12, 2011 - 6:41am

JAPAN - As Japan begins to recover from Friday's massive earthquake and the tsunami that followed, the country has now launched a search and rescue operation.

The official death toll has climbed to more than 500 but there are hundreds more still listed as missing.

Japan is also focusing on two nuclear plants which are considered threats to meltdown.

First it was the earthquake.

Then the tsunami.

And now Japan must worry about a meltdown.

Media reports in Japan said there was an explosion at the Fukushima power plant.

Tokyo Electric said the of the reactor collapsed.

It was one of two plants that lost cooling ability after the quake.

Thousands of people who live near the plants were warned to get out of harm's way.

Meanwhile a massive military led rescue operation has been launched in the stricken area.

Some 50-thousand troops will be deployed to the area and there is much work to do....there is damage and devastation everywhere.

Helicopters are already busy rescuing women and children in towns destroyed by the tsunami.

Some victims left stranded by the big wave wrote SOS on the roof of a hospital hoping to catch the attention of rescuers.

Residents who lost homes or loved ones have been left nearly speechless.

"There are no words to express it. We just had to act. It was a tsunami."

In Tokyo the power is still out in many areas and transportation is chaotic and many people are still shaken.

"At the time it was terrifying. I've never felt a quake that strong, you know."

Offers of help have poured in from around the world

Even New Zealand, still recovering from the quake in Christchurch, will send a team.

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