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UPDATED: Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - 2:24pm

Investigation centers on Singer's doctor and Vegas office...

There has been more movement today in the investigation into Michael Jackson's death.

Los Angeles police and federal agents want to know more about the man who was apparently with him when he died more than a month ago.

Police continue to focus on Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray.

Today, armed with search warrants they looked for evidence at Dr. Murray's Las Vegas office.

Officers also visited Dr. Murray's home in a gated community near the Vegas strip.

"we're looking for documents," said Michael Flanagan of the DEA.

Today's search is similar to one at Dr. Murray's clinic and storage facility in Houston late last week.

"This DA's office in Los Angeles doesn't want another OJ moment. And they're working very hard behind the scenes to make sure that before they even bring the charges, they have all the evidence because they've gotten burned before," says Pro. Laurie Levenson of Loyola Law School.

Charges that, according to court documents, could include manslaughter.

Police sources tell NBC news Murray did administer the powerful sedative Propofol the morning Jackson died.

"It certainly would indicate that Diprivan or Propofol is a primary drug here involved in the death. It doesn't say that the drug by and of itself caused the death," observes Forensic Pathologist Dr. Lawrence Kobilinsky.

Dr. Murray's lawyer continues to insist his client has done nothing wrong, and issued a statement which said in part.

"We will not be commenting on rumors, innuendo or unnamed sources...Things tend to shake out when all the facts are made known, and I'm sure that will happen here as well."

There is apparently now a public picture being revealed of Jackson's private life in the days before his death.

According to published reports, the pop star demanded that the temperature in his bedroom remain very hot, stifling according to some, with gas fireplaces and the heating system set to their highest levels.

The living quarters were said to be a mess, with clothes scattered everywhere and dozens of hand written messages on Post-It notes stuck to the walls.

All pieces of a confusing puzzle investigators have been working on since his death.

Of course, the biggest piece of that puzzle is the autopsy report and toxicology results.

They should be released sometime this week.

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