Is Facebook Bad For Your Kids?

Is Facebook Bad For Your Kids?
Tuesday, March 29, 2011 - 8:34am

The study found that social media sites can have negative effects on adolescents, because they tend to be more susceptible to peer pressure and don't self-regulate as well as adults.

Researchers from the American Academy of Pediatrics released the report studying the effects of social media on adolescents. The study also says adolescents can find themselves in age-inappropriate situations and can encourage dangerous behavior such as sexting and bullying.

"Some young people find the lure of social media difficult to resist, which can interfere with homework, sleep and physical activity," said one of the doctors from the AAP, Gwenn O'Keeffe. "Parents need to understand how their child is using social media so that they can set appropriate limits."

Some positive factors of social media outlined in the study include enhancing communication and facilitating social interaction.

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