Introducing the El Paso Chihuahuas

Introducing the El Paso Chihuahuas

POSTED: Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 2:06pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 11:46am

Team logo, color & store introduced at downtown event

The wait is finally over, El Paso. Tuesday, in front of a crowd of excited youth baseball players, invited guests and media, MountainStar Sports announced the Chihuahuas as the new Triple-A mascot.

Alan Ledford, president of MountainStar Sports Group says, "First and foremost, we want to appeal to kids and families, our core audience...we want to celebrate the region, create fan experience opportunities and build a brand that embodies the fun product that Minor League Baseball teams are all about."

A news release from the AAA ballclub goes on to say:

"The search for the team name began with a community-wide effort, allowing the region's fans to submit names through the El Paso Triple-A website. The list was narrowed based on creativity, marketability, fun, relevance to El Paso's unique character and the ability to trademark the name.

"El Pasoans played a significant role in identifying our new team name -- they attended focus groups, suggested several hundred different names, and voted in record numbers for all the names," said Ledford.

"Shae Vierra, who submitted the Chihuahuas name, was chosen at random as the "Name the Team" contest winner, choosing the Chihuahuas for its reference to the popular dog and the Chihuahuan Desert. As the winner, Vierra will collect two season tickets, a personalized jersey and the opportunity to throw out one of the ceremonial first pitches on Opening Night.

The Chihuahuas name was chosen primarily to represent El Paso's spirit and fiercely-loyal community, and recognize the region's location in the Chihuahuan Desert. The new name will allow the team to create a comprehensive brand of fun, family-oriented entertainment associated with Minor League Baseball.

"Look at the name and logos through the eyes of a child and you can't help but smile," Ledford said. "That's what we're all about."

A scrappy Chihuahua with a spiked collar is the centerpiece of the identity. The family of official logos includes designs for a wide variety of fan choices, including a classic "EP" with the hallmark mountain star, a chewed ball and crossbones, and a swinging Chihuahua -- a nod to the San Diego Padres' Swingin' Friar.

"We are proud to present a progressive logo and brand that captures the fun of Minor League Baseball and represents the passion and fierce loyalty for which El Pasoans are known," said General Manager Brad Taylor. "Our product is one for the entire family. We have a look for everyone."

In keeping the brand representative of El Paso, the team colors are desert red, black, and Chihuahua tan.

The Chihuahuas were brought to life by Brandiose, a design firm in San Diego. Partners Jason Klein and Casey White have dreamed up over fifty team names and graphics, including brands for the Richmond Flying Squirrels, Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs, and America's oldest baseball club, the Cincinnati Reds.

The development process began when Klein and White met in El Paso with fans, team staff, and community members to learn about the stories, history, and personality of the region. Brandiose developed the logos and team uniforms, and is developing elements of the fan experience including the Chihuahuas' forthcoming mascot.

"The Chihuahuas brand embodies El Paso's values of independence, community pride, and a fighting spirit," said White. "Fans will love seeing El Paso's Chihuahuas and the downtown ballpark will offer a world-class fan experience that will come to life next spring."

The Chihuahuas will unveil their new uniforms for the 2014 season at a later date.

The team name reveal event also featured the grand opening of the team's downtown merchandise store, featuring the Chihuahuas' new look and team apparel.

The store is located at 303 N. Oregon, Suite 120 and is open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Also unveiled was the team's new website, along with the El Paso Chihuahuas' new Facebook and Twitter pages."

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The logo is not something that I was expecting but will support our baseball team. El Paso is always complaining of not having more attractions or places to go yet they choose not to attend because of the logo…immature.

So what Klein and white saw el pasoans as are little feisty dogs? What is worse is that it isn't just any dog, but a stereotypical dog Mexicans are associated with. I find it racist, yes racist and it takes some guts to go through with something so degrading towards a group or race of people. It is offensive, and as a mother of a son who loves baseball I won't do that to my son. He is of mexican heritage and I'd rather support another team than put such a degrading logo on my child.

Chihuahuas? You have GOT to be kidding! OK, now it's final...I will NOT be attending any games!

No Way! What a disappointment. Lots of bark but no bite!

This is a racial slur.

Dumb name! Chihuahua's are a small breed of dog named for the state of Chihuahua in Mexico. This has nothing to do with El Paso! This team paid money to hire a company to select the team name and mascot, what a waste! Second, seems like they are making fun of El Paso. As for the person that thought of the name in the first place, you know who you are, and the only reason you thought of it, is because of that annoying small breed of dog you have at home, the one that barks at everything!

Of all the possibilities, one of the most whimsical and embarrassing names, having little or nothing to do with this city, was chosen. Does everything have to have a south-of--the-border slant to it? Can't anyone delve into other areas of the Old West, or even our military connection, and come up with a name that has more meaningful value? Even in terms of animals, there were probably any number of more regal, wild and iconic identities that could have been used. A genetically modified dog? LOL!

Very disappointing. El Paso is trying to modernize downtown and improve it's image. I can see no way that this logo helps.

Very upset at the mane for the baseball team. Myself and the family will not support the team due to the stupid name to the team. Very disappointed !!!!! El Paso is not supposed to be called stupid chihiahua !!!!! A very sad day for El Paso.

OMG YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! What an insult to the city of El Paso!

O M G YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! What an insult to the city of El Paso!

Just saved myself alot of money. I was planning on taking my family but after the name that wont happen. Way to go El Paso you never let us down.

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