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International religious celebration in Mexico

International religious celebration in Mexico

POSTED: Thursday, August 22, 2013 - 5:17pm

UPDATED: Monday, August 26, 2013 - 10:03pm

Every August, devotees from the Light of the World Church, or La Luz Del Mundo, based in Guadalajara in central Mexico gather for a “holy supper,” or “santa convocation.”

The event is a remarkably colorful occasion for the church, which says it follows the beliefs of the “primitive” or early Christian traditions.

Crowds of worshipers who had traveled to the country from as far afield as Israel spill out into the city’s streets, holding parades and festivities that go on for days.The event reaches its peak Wednesday when the actual holy supper celebration is held in the church’s main building in Hermosa Provincia in Guadalajara.

The supper, says church member Isaac Manriquez, represents “the maximum expression of faith” for worshipers attending the event. Manriquez, from Deming, New Mexico, where the organization has a congregation, says he has been helping out at the ceremonies since he was small. He sent in these images of the church’s members parading down the main thoroughfare called the Calzada, which leads to the main temple.

Sharing photos of his fellow church members was, for Manriquez, a chance to inform others about his faith. For him, the event is about reuniting with international friends and reaffirming his commitment to his religion.

“The event is very important for me and for those who share this faith,” he said.

“What inspired me … was seeing thousands of people from different nations with the same faith united as if they were one. Even though they were from different races and spoke different languages – there seemed to be nothing that separated them.”

More than 100 El Pasoans attended this year's celebration.

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