International border conference at UTEP

International border conference at UTEP
Wednesday, August 7, 2013 - 5:29pm

The United States and Mexico share more than just a border, billions of dollars of trade in a fast speeding economy and immigration are part of the daily borderland life, American and Mexican officials met today to address the improvements but also the many challenges both nations face.

"Something I would like to highlight it's not only the numbers it is the quality of the numbers and how effectively degraded our value added manufacture chain”

“Economic opportunities, opportunities to enhance North America in competitiveness it’s not only about violence is not only about violence or drugs or law enforcement"

And while immigration, drug violence and security continues to be the central issue in the Mexican- American relation, American and Mexican ambassadors Anthony Wayne and Eduardo Medina Mora explained that solving this problems is the key for more cooperation.

“We do have a tremendous responsibility before our Mexican nationals who have an irregular status here and we would like to see their dignity, their opportunities and their certainty improved”

“The concept of co-responsibility that we share responsibilities for solving these problems and the other one is that we build mutual confidence between the authorities on both sides”

Local authorities also stepped up to the debate and gave their perspective mayor Leeser says that the effort has to go further of Washington and Mexico City and that it has to start here.

“Our city is committed to work with the new mayor of Juarez and with the government of Juarez so working together will be the key to success”

 This was the fourth event held by the council of the Americas border initiative, which aims to foster a public-private dialogue on deepening economic integration within North America and on improving management of borders. Previous events were hosted in Laredo, Texas, La Jolla, California and Washington, D.C.

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