Insights Museum "Frustrated" Over Unclear Future


POSTED: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 4:41pm

UPDATED: Friday, October 26, 2012 - 9:49pm

The future of the Insights Science Museum remains unclear, in light of City Council's decision to approve the El Paso baseball stadium proposal.

In February, the non-profit museum will be forced out of the building it's called home since 1992. Plans were to demolish the property, along with City Hall, to make room for a Triple A baseball stadium.

The board of directors for the museum said the city has not been helpful.

"We're very frustrated right now and the reason why is because they moved forward with the baseball stadium and yet we have been officially evicted as of February 14, 2013 and we don't have an alternate facility to move to," said Doctor Aaron Velasco. 

The Quality of Life Bond, Proposition One on the November ballot includes museums, but Insights does not know if it's included in the funding.

The city is including the museum in talks about a new children's museum in El Paso but nothing has been set in stone.

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I'm not really happy about the location choices that the stadium is being proposed for however I do agree that the Science Museum is hardly an asset to El Paso, We do usually purchase a yearly membership to support it. We left in 2005 and returned in 2010 and nothing in the museum had change. They do bring in a traveling exhibit area every so often which is nice. The majority of the time it takes us 30 minutes to finish everything because many of the exhibits are broken.

The truth is the insights cannot even be considered a museum. I've taken my kids there twice and it just looks like a bunch of high school projects badly put together. I have to take my children out of town for them to visit a good children's museum like the explora in Albuquerque or the Pittsburgh children's museum etc. Let insights be torn down to make way for the new stadium and let's vote for the bond in Nov. that allocates 20 million towards a NICE children's museum here in town

Its a non-profit museum so obviously they ould not have what other places do. But they do have nice exhibits when they are booked such as the Dinosaurs and the Titantic exhibit. If the museum is not to your liking don't go. I take my niece and nephew and my kids once or twice every month and they love it. I think the baseball field is stupid. It will bring in more crime, not to mention I dont want to pay taxes for something I wont attend.

I also believe that thing will destroy what El Paso is really about. And that history and heritage. There are countless historic markers all over downtown and city and those are something to take pride in.

The city should be using the millions to fix streets, building, canals and such that need to be fixed. That is more important then a baseball team.

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