Insights Museum crashing down


POSTED: Monday, March 11, 2013 - 6:39pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - 11:06am

This afternoon a demolition team gave the last science lesson at the Insights Museum. It's Newton's first law of physics:  An object at rest tends to remain at rest, until acted on by an outside force.

The southwest wall of the Insights was the first to go. During the morning teams pulled out the last salvageable items, a collection of heaters, and proceeded without sentimentality to go about their work. The man operating the biggest machine called it just another job to be done right.

A handful of spectators stood behind a chainlink fence, taking a few pictures, and recording a few final memories. Everyone thought about the future of downtown El Paso.

"We need to move ahead", says El Pasoan Antonio Santos.  "I think this will bring more opportunities for our people, bring more jobs and help our economy."

Then an official looking car idled past. City Rep Carl Robinson was at the wheel. He
had voted against the demolition, believing that El Pasoans should have been given a vote whether to destroy it to make room for the proposed AAA baseball stadium. "The course of the direction is moving forward and we can't change that", Robinson says.. "What has happened, as much as I would like to change the fact, is that we're being relocated and business needs to change".

Throughout the day it continued, the heavy equipment roaring with jaws like a dinosaur, ironically reminiscent of the kind of entertainment Insights guests once enjoyed.  The job should take about a week, then crew will turn across the parking lot to begin the demolition of El Paso City Hall.

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