Insect populations thrive after September rains

Insect populations thrive after September rains
Monday, October 14, 2013 - 8:26pm

Insect populations in the region have increased due to the September rains and can be seen during outdoor activities and throughout homes.

Entomologist Carol Sutherland at New Mexico State University said caterpillars, beetles and grasshoppers are benefitted from the rain providing them more food and the ability to reproduce.

"For a lot of insects that were adults at that time the rainfall provided them with fantastic opportunity," Sutherland said.

She said a lot of black beetles and grass hoppers can be seen in gardens, along the road and hiking trails.

Sutherland added most insects will typically come out when temperatures are a bit warmer in the afternoon.

"They're just running around making themselves pretty obvious," she said.

For residents in Las Cruces, they've noticed more bugs flying around and making their presence felt.

"Around my house and here and there," said Leonard Ilizaliturri.

The Las Cruces resident said he has even seen a lot of dead bugs around the grocery store and even some at the park.

Sutherland said most of these bugs are predators and will eat other insects and plants.

"Some of the grasshoppers may find some of the plants really desirable and chew them up," she said.

But Sutherland doesn't believe any plants are in real danger of dying out because it is late in the growing season.

She said as the temperatures drop in the Fall and Winter, so will the bug populations.

Sutherland did add most of these bugs are harmless to humans.



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