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Inmates, Prison Leaders Reach Agreement at La Tuna


POSTED: Sunday, April 11, 2010 - 5:21pm

UPDATED: Saturday, April 17, 2010 - 11:53pm

ANTHONY, TX--- Inmates and prison leaders at La Tuna Federal Prison have reached an agreement to halt the hunger and work strike, six days after the facility went on lockdown, according to sources.

Staffers at La Tuna Federal Prison first told NewsChannel 9 they feared for their safety after hundreds of inmates went on the strike, protesting poor medical treatment.

This includes withheld medications, prolonged waits to see doctors and poor medical facility conditions.

Inmates made a list of ten demands to the warden including improved medical services, and threatened more attacks on staffers if their demands were not met.

Now we're told administrators have agreed to meet the demands, and they would need 30 days to fulfill the request.

A Correctional Officer Union website still shows La Tuna on lockdown since Monday. Inmates assaulted three staff members, including two Lieutenants.

"After hearing rumors of a food strike, staff started conducting interviews with inmates. This escalated into an inmate cursing at staff. Staff members attempted to detain the inmate when another inmate got involved and a physical confrontation began between staff and two inmates. The institution was placed on lock down status. The staff members were not seriously hurt," read the site's daily report from Monday.

We still have not been able to contact anyone in authority at the prison.

Every phone number has been disconnected.

One staffer speaks exclusively to our news team about the poor conditions he fears will lead to tragedy at the prison.

Hear his story tonight on NewsChannel 9 at 10.

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They need to replace the sign in the front entrance the reads something like past these doors are the best prison guards, It should read; The warden should be fired, Please send us a humane warden!

or staff members life or future in your hands! Think about that. There are many prisons being run like this and something needs to be done and you can be the cornerstone of starting it up! Won't you continue an investigation on all of our behalves? Please.
Laraine in NC. Yes, A Mother of inmate and proud of it.

To withhold these much needed meds is truly barbaric and makes LaTuna and other prisons barbaric and they deserve to be investigated and under the microscope. Would any of you knowingly eat dog food or cat food? I think not and this is just one of the reasons for the strike at LaTuna. NEWS CHANNEL 9.. I implore you to keep on top of this event and please investigate it further. You have the power to help us out here and those in LaTuna to get some real help. You may hold an inmate or

God Bless all the prisoners......and with Gods love and grace bless the persons who do not know and say bad things....walk a few miles in some of these peoples shoes I bet your opinion will change unless they are the few that the devil uses repeatedly to ensure chaos. Those of us who fear and heed Gods warnings must pray for the lost souls...I pity them before i would pity the oppressed.

And withholding antipsychotic meds from the mentally ill is barbaric--not to mention a recipe for violence and disruption. The measure of our worth as a society is how we treat our vulnerable/outcast/frail and needy. The prison population is full of individuals who are capable of becoming better human beings. Why not help them.
What would Jesus do? C'mon people we are all God's creatures. Those are our brothers and sisters in LaTuna and every other prison...

God bless you! AMEN! I am Laraine with son in LaTuna that has yet to pas those kidney stones and NOTHING is being done for him yet! I also have a Bi-Polar Manic Deprssive husband of 17 years and this behavior was the cause of me leaving 2 times due to physical abuse but NOT by my "REAL" husband, it was because he had NOT been diagnosed yet and was NOT on any antipsychotic drugs. Now he is on them and is a completely different and loving husband. Many of the inmates are going thru this w/o meds.

It's all so simple; the Golden Rule. "Do unto other's as you'd have them do unto you". If we treat our inmates as subhuman, they will respond that way. If we treat them as people who have committed a crime (or sometimes not even) and need help finding their way back, maybe they'll accept the helping hand. As a RN, I've learned that compassion and extending dignity and humanity to all God's children will heal even the most hopeless or bitter.

Peace be with you all. The Warden and the Medical Department need to be investigated. It has to be soon before they begin to clean up there mess and destroy evidence of wrong doing. They are under a microscope now. I liked there no comment report yet no mention of the brave staff whom where attacked. Always give an inmate what they have coming yet nothing more and nothing less. That's Corrections 101. Give thanks to the brave soul that came forward w/ the story. May the Lord protect him. Peace~

Some times good people make bad mistakes, and sometimes they are just in the wrong place at the wrong time.Not everybody in there is bad, some are.They are all human and deserve to be treated like a human. All of you that have bad things to say about the people in there should remember that at any given time you could be that person that got caught in a bad place and find yourself in trouble. It could be you, then how would you feel.Judge not less ye be judged.A-Men

You are sooooo right! have a friend in there also! Similar situation! It's all about the warden getting a bonus if he keeps the budget down!

My son spent Saturday in the hospital with Kidney stones and all they did was give him some medicine that did nothing and he is i bed in his cell trying to get thru the passing. I bet you men can relate to that and probably would want some pain medicine and nausea meds that would help you get thru it but noooo...he gets nothing!
Rememember your hate the next time because you put your soul in jeopardy of the devil when you hate

On another note, seems like today the ones that were so full of themselves might have taken a second look at their own hate but then maybe they just have some other site to be ugly on. Anyway, I want you to know that I have prayed for you.
Laraine In NC.

hang in there, Ll. There's a great site called PrisonTalk where the relative of inmates share their feelings and experiences, support and listen to each other. I'll pray for you, your son and family. God bless you all, L

llarrainne as difficult as it might sound you need to trust in the Lord and find that inner peace in your heart that is going to help you relax and not worry so much. Ignore the hateful comments. They don't even deserve a response. Trust in God that things are going to get better at La Tuna. Change is coming and its coming like an Avalanche. Peace be with you

I think you have me wrong! I do 100% trust in the Lord and I know that HE is a good and loving God and will take care of this matter. I am just "fighting" for all the lost souls and God would want this of me, I know. We must pass on the "Good News" and pray for our fellow man. As George Washington can be quoted...Without God and the BIble, this country can not stand.

I thank GOd on your behalf because you would not have the attitude that you have. So...maybe you had better get down on your knees and thank God also. I will keep all of you in my prayers and I truly mean that.
Laraine in NC. with a son in LaTuna Prison.Hellhole of the Prison System.
By the way, it was because of a few that tried to toss a CO over the top tier of the prison over the boxes in Kitchen that read "NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION" that was one of the problems plus no medical.

You don't have to thank "god" for me, dear. I don't believe in him. Quite frankly, you're wasting your breath.

That is all the more reason for me to pray for you and your SOUL. And I will. Nothing is a waste when it comes to caring for your fellow man and I do pray for you and will continue to do so.

Why do you think that it is not allowed to be purchased on Food Asistance? AND, it is not your taxes that support the men and women in prisons and camps. You do not suffer, we the families suffer because we are not allowed to send anything but MONEY. They have a canteen and they must purchase items needed at a much higher rate. You all do not even begin to know all you think you know and you must never have had the aweful experience of being caught up in a situation not of your making.

At the almost end of ride...person pulled out 13 0z bag of Cocaine. Unknown to my son, this person was being watched by Feds and stopped them in Wyoming. So...my son was arrested and is now serving a 5 year sentence for something he really is not guilty of. So you see, not everyone in prison is guilty and NO they do NOT deserve to be treated like less than human! Don't cast judgement unless you are without any sin! Regardless, actually being fed dog food is illegal!

May God watch over you every minute of the day and that of every family member you have! This comment is from the heart but so far it goes to Hank, White Rabbit & FO Q2 and perhaps anyone else out there that has such ugly words with empty spirit. My son was in church every Sunday, reading his Bible daily, talking to our Lord and he did what he was raised to do.....give unto others as you would have them give unto you. He gave a ride to a "new" person and drove him from CO to Wyoming.

If some of you people would go check out the prison you would be striking with the prisoners. There is no reason for a good share of them to even be in there. Just because their crime was federal they get these long sentences. If it was state they would have got probation and be home taking care of their family then you wouldn't be paying the tax you are. Just remember your federal employees are payed well.

The assault on staff, wk & food strike, was due to problems w/ med care. Inmates at times must beg for toilet paper and other serious issue. Warden Bragg vacates posts that not only puts inmates in Danger but staff as well. This is an inhumane way to save $. If you have no toilet paper inmates poop on the floor in the shower. Guess what this speads disease/infections to staff inmates and their families. Untreated IM infections can spread to staff. Vacating post cost staff his life @USPAtwater.



They are just what they are Prisoners!!! They lost their rights the day the got charged with the crime. They get just as little as possible if it is available if not oh well!!! They didnt got there "to Prison" for being at church praying. I have no simpathy for a covict at all. Sory!!!! I really think they have too many rights as it is. Take some of those rights away and all the TV and phones away. If they dont have fam. to go there and see them, oh Well!!!

You are an idiot.Many are non violent first time drug convictions which a person with money (approximately $45,000) could by his way out of without even going to court. ( I was quoted by an attorney to keep my son out of prison for a first time offense. Unfortunately, we did not have the money.)The families still have rights; like the right to have contact with the loved one. A mother always loves her child and will keep contact. Evidently, you are no loved. I see you cannot spell.

Perhaps you should enroll yourself in a beginning spelling and writing class before you go spewing your comments of ignorance onto others... then, maybe someone might actually take what you have to say seriously. All the !!!! in the world won't get your point across any better than a simple period when the readers can't even get past your far below par spelling and grammar. Get yourself some education, then try to change the world... there's enough ignorance as it is without you adding to it!

I am sorry for you. Have you never made a mistake? Everyone in your family perfect? I can tell you are an uneducated person. You can't spell and your english is something else. Perhaps you might think about an education. You sound like a prison guard. You, I know didn't get your thinking in church. I am a nurse and someone as stupid as you I would still give you the best care.So what rights do they have to many of? I don't think you know anything. You are just another stupid redneck. oh well..

He is not a redneck. I know rednecks who are kinder and smarter than that idiot. He needs to let everyone see his hidden crimes. Everyone has something hidden.


Evidently these inmates did something illegal to land themselves in a federal prisn. They are not on vacation. They are there because they messed up. Personally, I think they should all rot. My tax money goes to them so they can have a roof over their head, food in their stomach & "rehabilitation", when there are people that are more deserving of my money out there suffering everyday. Quite frankly, I believe in "reap what you sow" and they should be treated as what they are, low-life criminals.

Most of LaTuna inmates are non violent first time drug offenders. As for a "reaping what you sow," being sent to the fires of hell may be what you "reap" for your lack of kindness toward another human being. Also, " ...howsoever ye judge, so shall ye be judged." The same law that convicted them gives them certain rights, like phone, mail, family visitation privileges. You better pray that God is not as harsh in his judgement of you.

So what ?

It doesn't take 30 days to stop feeding inmates food that states on the boxes "NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION". This is one of the problems involved and all inmates must strike or there is no life after for them. It is like crossing a picket line in reality.
Laraine in NC.

Lockdown is over and inmates are allowed to use phones but they are still being fed dog food and my own son is one that was in the hospital yesterday for kidney stones and was given some medicine that has not helped and nothing else is being done for him. He called me this am.
Let your public really know what is going on there....just ask me!
Laraine in NC.

I have spent a fortune on mail to my son in La Tuna and he never receives it and it is never returned. I, my husband, and grandson have not broken the law but have been treated very prejudicially by hispanic guards. I have seen hispanic visitors treated more respectfully than white ones. I have written the warden and regional office regarding the matter. Although I don't condone my son's lawbreaking, I do think 10 years for a first offense is ridiculous and inhumane.

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