Incumbent Rep. Marisa Marquez grabs the majority of votes in District 77 race

Incumbent Rep. Marisa Marquez grabs the majority of votes in District 77 race
Tuesday, March 4, 2014 - 11:10pm

Representative Marisa Marquez was surrounded by friends and family in Downtown El Paso as she watched the numbers soar in her favor. She did speak with us -- but she did tell us she has an early flight Wednesday so she had to leave early. We spoke with her moments after the numbers came in she told us she's optimistic and ready to get back to work.

The District 77 Rep. was surrounded by friends and family at Mexican Cottage Restaurant. She said she's grateful and thankful to those who went out and cast their ballots.

It was a very contentious race with strongly worded campaign ads between her and El Paso lawyer Lyda Ness-Garcia. Marquez said while some may have seen the ads as negative -- her camp saw them as a way to point out the positive things she has done for El Paso so far. "We did some exceptional work on the appropriations committee and so we saw it as an opportunity. We really didn't see it as contentious. I mean, I know that people... That was the perception. Everything that came out of our campaign was true, was factual about both mine and my opponent's records; we're very proud of the campaign we ran,” Rep. Marisa Marquez said.

If the numbers hold, this will be Marquez’s 4th term.

As for Lyda Ness-Garcia she said she is planning to return to her work as a full-time lawyer. "I go back to representing middle class families, I go back to representing families who are involved in the CPS system, I go back to representing children, I go back to being a mom, and I keep working in my community, trying to make it better at the grassroots which is always what I've done,” Lyda Ness-Garcia said.
As we've reported, Ness-Garcia is also in the middle of a police investigation. She said she was attacked at her home last week by two men, she claimed it was politically motivated.

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