Immigration bill clears a critical hurdle

Immigration bill clears a critical hurdle
David Sachs/SEIU
Monday, June 24, 2013 - 6:50pm

Comprehensive immigration reform legislation cleared a critical hurdle, Monday. 

A bipartisan majority green-lit a compromise measure to dramatically beef up the bill's border security provisions and help pave the way for the measure's final passage. 

The Senate voted 67-27 to move forward with a "border surge" amendment to the comprehensive immigration bill, setting the stage for a final vote later this week.  

15 Republicans joined all of the Senate Democrats to back the compromise. 

The amendment would double the number of border control agents to 40-000 and guarantee the completion of a 700-mile fence along the southern border, among other security measures sought by Republicans. 

Senate majority leader Harry Reid filed for what's called "cloture" to quickly end debate.

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