Illegal Dump Behind Socorro Neighborhood Growing


POSTED: Thursday, January 13, 2011 - 2:05pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 1, 2011 - 1:22pm

SOCORRO, TX – Piles of trash are littering a vacant piece of property behind a neighborhood in Socorro.

Manuel Garnica, who lives near the illegal dump site off Trejo Road, said it has been that way for years.

"There are tires, television sets, toilets, car parts, dead animals, leaves, and branches. You name it, you'll see it out here," he said.

Pickup trucks loaded with trash drive into the patch of desert and unload the waste. The piles of garbage get bigger every day. The litter is even invading Garnica's nearby neighborhood.

"When it's windy, trash flies all the way over to your house.”

Garnica said the most frustrating part is he can't do anything to stop it. By the time he calls the police, the people dumping the trash are gone.

"They come in one way but they go out the opposite way. So you can't catch them."

He said he's called the city and a number of other agencies to complain about the mess, but so far no one's come out to clean it up.

"Just clean everything up! Put a dirt barrier around it and some signs. Maybe that will do it," he said.

NewsChannel 9 has learned the property is owned by the City of Socorro. We put a call into the Code Complaince Department to find out if there are any plans to clean up the mess.

So far we haven't received a response.

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As we responded in this story; The Trejo Road trash is in El Paso and outside of our city limits. Access to the property is both in and out of Socorro. We cannot close off the possible path of the dumpers because it runs through private property. We will remain vigilant in preventing illegal dumoing in all of Socorro.
Dave Garcia
Public Information Officer for Socorro

Nor will u that cannot fine them selves

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