Ice To Blame For I-10 Accidents

Ice To Blame For I-10 Accidents
Friday, December 23, 2011 - 6:00pm

EL PASO - The winter storm caused a lot of accidents, including one that happened right in front of us. Our cameras caught the man crawling out of his truck, and people rushing to help him.

Police quickly showed up to check on the driver. Officers say he's okay, and they think speed and ice on I-10 may have caused the rollover. The same may be true for another accident just feet away.

"I just tried to get off on the on ramp, lost control and hit the sign," Mark Weidenaar said.

Weidenaar was on his way to work Friday morning when he spun out and slammed into a couple of signs. The accident left him stranded for more than two hours.

"Yea, I got lucky I have plenty of gas, and the heat still works and everything's running fine," he said. "I didn't bring a coat, so thank goodness it's still working because I would be freezing my butt off."

Weidenaar says he's from Indiana, and he thought he was used to driving in the snow and ice. Now he has a warning for anyone else who might be thinking about getting on the road.

"Be more careful. I was a little careless. I did this to myself. I was careless, going to fast, tried to turn quickly, and I didn't think I would lose control like I did," he said.

With a lot of accidents, like the rollover, happening on I-10, police shutdown the interstate between El Paso and Las Cruces. The roads were too icy, and officers didn't want anybody chancing it. They have since reopened it.

"Some people don't know it. They just go to fast and get off the road," Thomas Lara said.

Drivers like Lara didn't need to be told to take another path. The accidents were enough warning.

"I'm going back to Doniphan because it's more dangerous on the I-10," Lara said.

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